Guest Star: "I Like French Montana, J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T - Those Are Probably My Top Favorite Dudes"

Monday, Oct 1, 2012 3:25PM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Obie Trice

[While gearing up for the release of his upcoming album, The Hangover, tentatively slated for release early next year, Obie Trice has been supplying the fans with free music to keep them fed while they wait. Today, the Detroit rapper talks new mixtape, an upcoming solo album and hip-hop changing for new artists.]

[I decided] maybe a month ago we to do [the mixtape]. [Warren G's] not producing the mixtape, [but] he threw me a few beats.

Me and Warren G go back to the Shady days. He's a cool friend of mine. He looked out with a few beats, and I wanted to use one of them for the actual mixtape and try to use the others ones for the actual album that's coming out next year.

I do want to get ready for the Hangover--the album. [The mixtape] is more so to keep putting music out [and] putting out products. I just want something to ride to until that point. We're looking to put out The Hangover in April.

I think [the rap game's] a little different for them. Like today, it's very, very persistent. Back then when I came into the game, an artist would come out with an album maybe every year or year-and-a-half.

Now, it's just like they're ready to drop a record every six months, including the mixtapes. It's like the mxitape game is so constant. Every week there's something new coming out.

I think today it's more competitive as far as that go. I think it's a little different as far as that aspect of it and also with the Internet--even though there's been piracy back then as well--the Internet is just the source of getting all our hip-hop now so that has changed a lot too.

It's a little more difficult and more challenging nowadays then it was then. I like French Montana. I like J. Cole. I like Big K.R.I.T. I'm feeling those guys. Those are probably like my top favorite dudes at the moment.

In 2008, Obie left Shady, feeling the label had failed to give him the proper promotional push but making it clear that Eminem was not to blame and the two were still very close. Mixtapes and guest appearances would carry Trice until 2012 when Bottoms Up became his first release for his own Black Market Entertainment label. Dr. Dre produced the album's title track while Eminem made two guest appearances, lending his vocals to "Richard" and producing the song "Going Nowhere."

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