Guest Star: "I Didn't Want To Disrespect The Man & Say, 'Oh, You're Gay'"

Friday, Oct 26, 2012 2:30PM

Written by SOHH for Pauly Shore

[With his new "Pauly-tics" special set to air tonight on Showtime, veteran actor/comedian Pauly Shore gives SOHH readers the inside in getting the cameras rolling to mesh politics with humor in light of next month's presidential election.]

[Tea Party activist] Hermain Cain is somebody who, this year, he had some controversy. Talking about that without disrespecting the man was quite difficult. He's a sweet man and I didn't want to disrespect him but yet I needed, as a journalist and as someone who needed to think about the audience, I needed to try to pry him in a way where he felt comfortable to talk about it. He was the one that actually brought it up. I was able to kind of work that that way.

Then there's [Congressman] Barney Frank. He's out of the closet, homosexual and again, I didn't want to disrespect the man and say, "Oh, you're gay." I wanted him to bring it up and feel comfortable.

You see me doing the fist-pump with [American politician] Michael Steele. I can't tell you what happened between us, you're going to have to watch the special to find out.

The whole thing is about an hour and fifteen minutes. It's kind of like a comedy-documentary series, so it's pretty cool.

After Election Day, I'm going to continue to push this because we're doing a sweepstakes where once we get 100,000 downloads, I'm going to give away $100,000. So I've gotta reach that. You've got to help me reach that quote.

We'll see what happens. It'll be interesting. I've got to keep doing press. I'm on this campaign trail for the next couple months. Around Christmas I'll chill out a little and then I'll pick it up in January and if I get 100,000 downloads, then I'll give away the money. If I don't, then I won't give away the money.

After that, I want to take a break and I don't want to do another special for a while. I just want to chill.

Pauly Shore became the darling of the MTV crowd with his burned-out California mastery of "dude-speak" persona, but his roots go deep into comedy's history; his father was a veteran of the Catskill circuit and his mother runs the Comedy Club in Los Angeles. At the peak of his popularity in the early '90s, he issued a series of LPs including Scraps from the Future, The Future of America and Pink Diggily Diggily; after a number of poorly-received films and a short-lived sitcom, Shore maintained a low profile prior to the early 2000 release of the album Hollywood, We've Got a Problem.

Check out the "Pauly-tics" trailer below:

Pauly~tics Trailer from PaulyFlix on Vimeo.

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