News: G.O.O.D. Music Member Reveals Unreleased "Cruel Summer" Verses

Tuesday, Oct 30, 2012 8:40PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

G.O.O.D. Music member Hit-Boy recently discussed the success behind his crew's Cruel Summer compilation album and revealed a few of his verses never made the LP.

According to Hit-Boy, the jam-packed album had no additional space for his rhymes.

"I actually did a couple verses, but there was so much going on and so many different artists trying to get in there and do theirs that none ended up making this project, but I'm still in hopes that one day I'll rap on a song with Kanye West," Hit-Boy said. (MTV)

Back in August, Hit-Boy revealed how much Kanye West relied on him for the LP.

In a recent interview with, G.O.O.D. Music producer Hit-Boy confirmed that he was heading out to Hawaii to finish the project with the team. "We're going to be out there for a little bit just helping Kanye finish up Cruel Summer and helping Kanye do his new ideas for his new stuff," Hit-Boy tells VIBE. "Just fine tuning. Everybody's adding their last little input. And verses here and there. It's going to be crazy I can tell you that." Kanye has been known to be the most creative while locking in his whole team on the tropical island. But for Hit, the experience will be a brand new one. "I've never been [to Hawaii]. I started messing with [Kanye] after that process," Hit-Boy says. [But] with 'Ye it's always a movie." (VIBE)

The producer/rapper will likely get another shot to have his vocals heard on a rumored upcoming Cruel Winter LP.

"Well, I mean, Q-Tip don't lie. If it's been a Cruel Summer, it's definitely gonna be a cruel, Cruel Winter. But you ain't hear that from me." With three features on the crew's recent release, Taylor also gushed about the success of the album. "We came second to Pink, and that was her huge comeback. Number one on the Hip-Hop charts. So I'm very, very excited about that, and excited to have as many placements on there that I do. I'm very excited and blessed and thankful." (All Hip Hop)

This month, G.O.O.D. Music's Q-Tip accidentally spilled the beans on the follow-up LP coming together.

"We're just trying to do some next 'ish, you know what I'm saying?," Tip said in an interview when asked about working with Kanye West. "Look out for the Pusha T album, the Big Sean album's coming up next. [Can you expect me on Cruel Winter?] Oh yeah, for sure. I can't really, [laughs], let out too much details about it but yeah, I'll be on it. Kanye had the plan for that, so look out." (Hip Hop Since 1978)

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