5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Far From Over: "A Collector's Item For The Real, Hardcore Drizzy Fans."

Monday, Oct 22, 2012 1:30AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Dalton Higgins

[After an official four years in the game, two albums and nine Grammy nominations Aubrey "Drake" Graham has never looked back since he dropped out of high school at 15 to pursue his acting career. From his home in Toronto to Lil Wayne's right hand, Drizzy has created quite a story over past few years. So pop culture critic and journalist, Dalton Higgins, has released the first biography about the YMCMB star's life--on and off the stage. And now that Drake's officially a high school grad, there's only more to come. Check out Dalton's top five reasons to buy Far From Over, and if you're in New York, be sure to check him out Nov 9 at Miss Lily's for the book launch.]

1. Never-Before-Seen Footage

The book is a collector's item for the real, hardcore Drizzy fans. It's the first biography written about [Drake], and the book contains all of these rare photos of him on the come up. For example, [Drake] was in this group called The Renaissance--that's his first music group that he joined when he was on the come up, and Melanie Fiona was in that group--the band, they didn't record any material. They were almost like a house band. I have a shot of them in the book when they were out in L.A. during the NBA All-Star game. It was like a reunion. It's a shot nobody has.

2. More Than Music

The book contains [a lot] of never-before-told stories from people who knew and worked with him before he became Drake. So for people that want to know all about his life and not just music, this book is a fantastic read. It's for the genuine Drake enthusiast.

3. Get It From The Source

Because I'm actually from Toronto, and I grew up in the neighborhood where he grew up, I might be the most qualified journalist out there to shed light on Drake. He's a highly visible, but hugely misunderstood pop-culture figure. So when I read a lot of reports from reporters from else where that talk a lot about, 'Oh, he's from Foresthill; oh he's biracial, a Black-Jewish guy,' I'm actually there. I'm from Toronto, and I live right by the neighborhood where he spent most of his formative years. With the book, I think I'm doing what no...journalist in the U.S. can really do with as much clarity.

4. October's Very Own (OVO)

I tell the story of his crew, October's Very Own, you know, OVO--Boi-1da, 40 (Noah Shebib)--so I'm also able to tell you the story of where his crew is coming from as well. 40, his producer, was a child actor just like Drake. His great grandmother was so influential in the world of Canadian theater that they have an award named after her. So he's kind of like Drake. His stylist, Oliver, he's a guy that used to work in retail, so I tell a bit of the story where he's coming from as well. These are the guys that are around Drake all the time, and people are like, 'Who are these guys?'

5. Drake's Far From Over

It's called Far From Over, and basically the book aims to answer one simple question which is, how does a biracial Black-Jewish kid from an upscale Toronto neighborhood dominate a music form that is street-oriented and aligned to a place not like Canada? When you hear a story like Drake's, it's bizarre. When Drake goes to award shows he's on some, 'I want to shout out my very Jewish mother'...he's always talking about I'm Jewish, I'm Jewish, I'm Jewish, so I use the book as an opportunity to talk about the Jewish place in hip-hop.

You decide. Will you purchase Drake's first biography?

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