Guest Star: "Even At 41 - I'm Not Satisfied. I'm Hungry. I Want My Moment!" [Video]

Wednesday, Oct 10, 2012 2:00PM

Written by SOHH for Elliott Wilson

[Hennessy's Wild Rabbit represents that voice inside of us, pushing us onward and upward to bigger and greater things, but sometimes that voice can be bit hard to find. In the third and final video in Hennessy's series featuring renowned hip-hop journalist Elliott Wilson discusses staying relevant as he ages in a business that favors the young. When Wilson points his finger at an undeniable moment in the culture, hip-hop listens.]

When you get to be an elder statesman, like I'm 41 years old, in this business and people always want advice or how to get on or inspiration and it's like, even at 41 I'm still growing and there's more levels to achieve.

There's never "not" a hurdle to overcome and what it does is make me want to grow even further. Like, I'm not satisfied. I'm hungry. Kids are like, "I want my moment." I want my moment!

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Elliott Wilson is most known for leaving his imprint in the hip-hop game with the touch of a pen. He founded Ego Trip magazine in the 1990's and later became an editor at The Source. He would then go on to helm the position of editor in chief for XXL. Since parting ways with XXL, Wilson has remained as an active online hip-hop journalist and personality.

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