The Score: "Despite No Push From Competition, The 2K Team Hasn't Been Lazy"

Tuesday, Oct 2, 2012 2:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

THE SCORE 8.7/10
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  • NBA 2K13
  • Playstation 3, XBox 360
  • October 2, 2012
IGN 9.1/10
Metacritic 8.5/10
SOHH 8/10
Bleacher Report 9/10

With one of the most historic off-seasons in recent memory nearly complete, the NBA is set for an explosive opening tip-off in the next few weeks. Today's arrival of NBA 2K13 now gives gamers the chance to take part in an exciting 2012-2013 season.

Clearly in a class of its own, NBA 2K13 now looks to take the entire sports gaming world by storm.

A console rivalry doesn't exist anymore for the NBA 2K series. EA Sports hasn't released an NBA game since NBA Live 10. Despite no push from competition, the 2K team hasn't been lazy. Over the last three years the series has strengthened its hold on the title of best basketball simulation available. This year, the 2K team really kept the gaming community on the edge of their seats with solid marketing of NBA 2K13. With the exception of keeping details about Association mode all but mute until a week before release and unveiling the Dream Team and Team USA teams a little late, this information rollout was awesome. (Bleacher Report)

This year's follow-up to NBA 2K12 turns things up a notch with enhanced animation and improved controls.

On court, the game feels very different to 2K12, thanks to an overhaul of player animations and behaviours. Every player moves realistically, each feels like a physical presence on the court; every time you bump into someone or take a tumble the animation looks incredibly natural - think Nathan Drake in Uncharted 3, when he puts an arm out to steady himself. Many of the niggles of the previous game have been addressed: passing is now smarter, and there are fewer unforced steals. With the developers mapping dribble moves to the Right Stick, they're now much easier to pull off, and this increase in show-boating is complemented by more realistic lay-up and alley-oop animations. As a result, it flows quicker and with a slightly more arcade-like feel - definitely a good thing. (Computer & Video Games)

Passing and defense also give longtime 2K fans reasons to pick up this year's version.

Another apparent upgrade was made to the on-ball defense. In years past, the offensive player seemed to have a distinct advantage, especially on the perimeter, because defenders were almost unable to keep players from getting to the basket. In 2K13, defenders seem to have more weight and lateral movement, negating offensive players from almost morphing through their defenders. On-ball defense has never felt so rewarding. Now, with proper positing, defenders can deny players driving lanes, creating a more realistic experience. Passing has also undergone an overhaul. For years in the series, crisp passes were the exception -- not the rule. This has been rectified in NBA 2K13. Players now whip the ball around the court, providing more realism and penalizing double-teaming defenses. The developers also added the ability to perform bounce passes on command. Now taking advantage of small passing windows by threading a bounce pass between defenders on a fastbreak is very satisfying because you're dictating the type of pass. (CBS News)

Renowned brand Nike enjoys a strong presence on the title with new customization options.

The FINANCIAL -- Nike is building from last year's successful partnership with smash hit video game NBA 2K12 and taking the elite athlete experience a few steps further with its integration into NBA 2K13. Highlights include: This year's NIKEiD experience breaks new ground as players will now have the opportunity to purchase the customized shoe they create for their team. Once players choose their design they can choose to receive an email you allowing them to buy the exact version created in the game for their players and teams. (FINANCIAL)

Praised largely by many, most game critics found little faults with NBA 2K13.

But My Career isn't without its flaws. When I tried to create a player in my likeness I was greeted with a message about vulgar language (look closely at my last name to figure out the issue). My Career is now linked to the online My Player mode, so I understand the developers don't want their game littered with inappropriate names online, but I do hope they address this issue for NBA 2K14. Another disappointment is the omission of Crew mode, which was pulled in NBA 2K12 and has not returned. This highly popular mode pitted five My Players vs. five My Players with each team given the ability to create team logos, jerseys and team names. Hopefully, this mode can make its return next year to further enhance this outstanding series. (CBS News)
NBA 2K13 is like LeBron James: It isn't perfect, but it's so close to perfect that it may as well be. This game is truly amazing and clearly one of the best games of any genre this year or in any other year. It has solid depth and options, but the real meat is in the ridiculously fun and realistic gameplay. Simply put, you must own this game. (Bleacher Report)

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