Pulse Report: Shyne's Triple Threat Attack, 50 Cent's Tough-Guy Image Crumbles, French Montana's Rap's Real Bad Boy

Friday, Oct 12, 2012 1:30PM

Written by Bulldog Butters

In this week's Pulse Report, we see Shyne taking on three of the biggest icons in music and politics right now, watch how fast 50 Cent's tough image can crumble, applaud French Montana for living up to his Bad Boy label's name and oh SOHH much more!

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

1. Three Kings

What's going on in Shyne's heads these days? There must be some kind of chemical imbalance at play b/c the moves that he's made in the past seven days even got me scratching my head. It's one thing to say you have an issue with someone but when you go on a campaign at three of today's biggest stars? The only real explanation I can come up with is that he's seeking some attention. You know, that whole idea of even bad press is good press? Let's take a look at his so-called victims from this past week.

Victim 1: Rick Ross

"Yo listen blood, [he's] a straight cornball and I been saying that for a minute now. And one thing about Shyne Po, Shyne Po is consistent. I always speak my mind. I just find it curious that when Shyne Po do his Judaism thing and I'm on my Israelite thing, dudes was taking shots and poking fun at that and now, fat boy is coming out with Black Bar Mitzvah [mixtape]," Shyne said in an interview. "I have a lot of issues with him, but my most important issue is that to me, old boy is like Donnie Brasco. Dudes always say, he makes good music. It's not about that. It's about the integrity." (Hot 97)

Victim 2: Diddy

"He's the ultimate creep, so creeps stick together. That's why those two [Ross and Diddy] roll hard, because he's the ultimate creep. Listen, I'm a gentleman. I try to have honor with everything that I do. So it's not about Shyne being mad and Shyne hating. Proof of that is that I gave this creep the opportunity to redeem himself and correct the mistake that he knows that he made, that he's expressed to me over and over again," Shyne added. "But he's a creep. He pretends to be sorry. Maybe he even wants to be sorry. But he's so much of a creep, he just can't find that part of himself. Like when he say God is great, I think he's talking about himself. He thinks he's God. He has no accountability." (Hot 97)

Victim 3: President Obama

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Shyne has spent time in Belize, Paris and Jerusalem, but he has been unable to come back to the U.S., where he grew up and made a name for himself as a rap star. Po says Obama is well aware of his dilemma, noting that he and the POTUS share a mutual friend, Harvard Law professor Charles J. Ogletree. "He knows who I am, he knows what's happenin'," the rapper said of Obama. "He's always talkin' about he listens to hip-hop and his daughter listens to hip-hop. He knows who Shyne is, he knows I'm deported." Whether he gets Barack's help or not, the "That's Gangsta" MC maintains that he should be returning to the U.S. shortly. "I should be in America in a couple of months. We working to try and get this visa," he said. "Obama is playing games, he frontin', he better do the right thing." (MTV)

^ C'mon Shyne. You killed yourself right there. Rick Ross, Shyne "and" President Obama? The funny thing about this is that for starters, Rick Ross actually was cool with you back in 2009. He talked about respecting you and this is how you pay him back? SMH. Then, after all that beefing that went on with you and Puffy, you guys actually squash it and then get at him months later? Huh? And attacking the president in this political climate, really, Shyne? Really? Are you really that insane?

2. Say Good-Bye To The Bad Guy

For the record, this has nothing to do with my personal dislike of 5-0 Cent's music over the past few years. It's funny b/c one of my doggies from back in the day brought up a good point that I always tried to always ignore or downplay. 5-0 Cent has only won one rap beef. Think about it, Ja Rule. Granted, that was a big win all things considered. He ended Ja's career and made him look corny. But since then, he's been unable to "destroy" anybody else's career. Jay-Z? Diddy? Fat Joe? Rick Ross? Lil Wayne? Baby? Game? If anything, his G-Unit crew have fallen from grace and has 5-0 kinda standing by himself. His tough-guy image has been tarnished for years, but never as clear as this past seven days. Peep my 5 Reasons why 5-0's tough guy image has fallen:

1. Rapping W/ Fake Violent Teen Rapper?


"I did a new joint to night with @chiefkeef he got some heat.," Fif tweeted. (50 Cent's Twitter)

^ Even Chief Keef's grandma said he's not about that life. Either 5-0 looks bad trying to get some street cred dealing with Keef or just looks silly rapping with a little boy that's been talking too much non-sense.

2. Ending Fat Joe Beef

Chris Lighty may be gone, but the trailblazing music mogul will never be forgotten. A number of Lighty-managed hip-hop stars banded together in a star-studded send-off for the mega-manager at the 2012 BET Hip Hop Awards, which aired Tuesday (October 9). After a heartfelt video intro from LL Cool J, Q-Tip and Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest buried the hatchet and set things off, performing their 1993 classic "Award Tour." As the iconic hip-hop group threw their L's up for Chris, pictures of the fallen rap hero flashed across the stage's main screen. "If it wasn't for Chris, then you wouldn't hear music like this," Tip said before passing the mic to another Lighty protégé Busta Rhymes, who marched up and down the stage to the tune of "Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See." Lighty's influence on the culture became increasingly apparent with each rapper who stormed the stage. Fat Joe was next up with his banger "Lean Back," and then Missy Elliott was next with her 2001 party-starter "Get Ur Freak On." (MTV)

^ Don't get it twisted. I'm all about the ending rap beefs, but you can't be tough when you're dancing around a doggy you had beef with for the past ten years like it's all good. Gangster don't do that, just ask Gucci Mane. LOL.

3. Wearing A Rival's Chain Your Boy Snatched

This doesn't seem to be dying down anytime soon. Following their much-publicized run-in at the BET Hip-Hop Awards taping in Atlanta, Gunplay confirmed on NY radio that his MMG chain was taken. By the looks of this newly released footage, the diamond-encrusted MMG piece that was in G-Unit affiliate Mike Knox's hands is now in the possession of 50 Cent. Recently, 50 went out for a night of bowling at Lucky Strike in D.C. with his new piece. (Miss Info TV)

^ You're nearly 40 and doing this silly stuff? The fact that your boy, not you, got the chain off Gunplay and you're wearing it is more laughable than impressionable.

4. Trash-Talking Behind Diddy's Back?

"I was about to go say 'what's up' and introduce myself to Gunplay right when that was about to happen," MGK said in an interview. "Right before that happened 50 came up to Puff - I think it was the other way around -- I don't like to stay in one place I like to roam and just look at people so I was just roaming through the trailers and I just remember 50 coming up outside of Puff's trailer and being like, but Puff was on the inside of his trailer so he said to somebody and was like, 'What kind of money Puff say he was getting again? I can count that sh*t on one hand man'...I thought it was all funny and sarcastic and then two seconds later the whole Gunplay thing popped off." ("The Breakfast Club")

Bottom line? Read Forbes, 5-0, and see where the both of y'all rank. End of discussion.

5. They Don't Believe, You Need More People


The saga between 50 Cent and French Montana officially continues with some new and interesting developments. You might recall that Fif ranted earlier today after he read Montana's interview with Complex, in which the Bronx MC noted that Fif could have been more successful if he steered clear of beefs. But now Montana has responded in kind, with a shot at 50's style and a RT from longtime 50 nemesis Rick Ross. You can peep the tweets below. "@50cent d*mnnn homie last year u was da mannnnn homieeeeeee wat da f*ckkk happen to uuuuuu" "stop wearning jean shots wit your knee cap showin swagless monkeyyyyyyyy #cokeboyssss lol" "RT @rickyrozay: y'all kno these h*e n*ggas get emotional around the holidays haaa" (Complex)

^ Paying homage to the Cap Diss from earlier this week. LOL. Bottom line is Rick Ross and French Montana are both clowning you. Without Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo on a short leash, where's your back-up, 5-0?

3. Moment of the Week: French Montana Stunts On 5-0 Cent

I've really fallen away from endorsing rap beefs these days, doggies, but one thing is certain, the stuff going down between G-Unit and Maybach Music Group is pretty classic. What was going to start off as 5-0 Cent wearing Gunplay's MMG chain while bowling as the "Moment of the Week" quickly diminished after I saw how bold French Montana got on 50. SMH. Keep in mind that French really only has a couple hot records and some notable co-signs. With that said, his decision to initially say that 5-0 hurt his career by beefing (which is absolutely 100% correct) and then straight up clown him on Twitter after 5-0 caught feelings? Classic. He's either braver than we thought or dumb as ever.


"@50cent damnnn homie last year u was da mannnnn homieeeeeee wat da fuuuckkk happen to uuuuuu." (French Montana's Twitter)

Not trying to add insult to injury, but seeing 5-0 perform his tribute for Chris Lighty, he just felt....OLD. This has nothing to do with my personal dislike of what 50's turned into since post-2006, but hearing and seeing him perform, there's no more spark. The sad thing is you can see Jay-Z at 40-plus still getting our attention but 5-0 feels like his ship has sailed. Seeing French Montana kinda body 5-0 right there? It reminded me of Avon Barksdale and Marlo, y'all remember, from "The Wire?" It's a new day and French's showing nobody's scared of the big bad wolf anymore.

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Kaylin Garcia

How does Joe Budden do it? As much as I've hated on him in the past, I can't lie, he stays with dimes. Nah, forget that, he stays with quarters. There's no explanation to this. Think about it though, from Gloria Velez to Tahiry to Somaya Reece to Esther Baxter and now his latest shorty? Pardon any video vixens I may have missed, but from those right there? That's unbelievable. And it's because of this accomplishment that we've got to applaud his girl Kaylin Garcia. She's official.




And the videos that accompany KG? SMH.....

5. Rappers Say The Darndest Things

I'm really thinking about giving this section yet another title. Not sure how many of y'all remember, but it used to be called "S.T.F.U." Honors simply giving props to the dumbest things said in a week's time span. Then I kinda caught heat about cursing too much in here and I switched it to "Rappers Say The Darndest Things" to complement Bill Cosby's "Kids Say The Darndest Things." Only problem is I'm finding that a lot of people talking aren't really rappers per se. Take Avena Lee for example. I'm familiar with her catalogue but she's not a rapper. Anyway though, claiming all rappers talk about being in pornos? Huh? Even though it's New York Knicks all day, Freddie Gibbs hating on Carlos Boozer? Stop it. He's put in work and deserves some respect. I know Big Sean is a jokester, but joking about sex tapes? LOL. Not really funny. Waka Flocka Flame dissing my girl Rihanna? Nah, kill that noise. And honestly, Christina Milian, you are crazy sexy but let's stop acting like the world is waiting for a new album from you.

1. Avena Lee


"Hip-hop and porn... I mean, all the rappers rap about being in pornos. [Laughs] It's like, "Dude, you don't even know what it takes to be a porno star," 'cause it's not about f*cking, it's about cameras and angles," Lee said in an interview. "It's about opening up, it's about your back being arched, it's about the f*cking lighting. There's so many different elements, and you think it's just [about] f*cking. No, you need to refrain yourself, you don't want to f*ck like a porn star, you need to f*ck like a Sex-God Guru, okay? Refrain yourself because I'm not a porn star, I'm a sexual being and I'm a sex-goddess, and I was before porn."

2. Freddie Gibbs


"Yeah I don't f*ck with Boozer man. I rather trade that n*gga for the 90th-round draft pick and for four D-League n*ggas. He's supposed to be like Karl Malone man. But he's nowhere near man. We need someone like LaMarcus Aldridge," Gibbs said in an interview. "We need somebody to compliment Derrick Rose, man."

3. Big Sean


Making an appearance at Temple University's Homecoming, rapper Big Sean stopped by Philly's Hot 107.9 to talk about the recent release of his new mixtape, Detroit. Prepping for his second studio album, Hall Of Fame, the G.O.O.D. Music star claims he doesn't care about meeting other people's expectations when it comes to his music, but joked that he would've taken X-rated measures to promote himself if his mixtape hadn't performed well. Thankfully, it did. "If it didn't do good, which it did, I was just going to drop a sex tape. Because sex tapes are the new mixtapes," explained the rising hip hop celeb. The performer also debunked rumors that he had a sex tape with Nicki Minaj.

4. Waka Flocka Flame

"I'm in a relationship," Waka said in an interview. "I've had a girl for almost two years. She's about that life. That small talk [about women] don't get her. ... I'm d*mn sure ain't going for Rihanna. H*ll nah. [Do I think Rihanna's bad?] H*ll nah. It ain't that I don't think she's bad, it's like, nah, brah. She's got history. You know what I mean? I don't know, I can't judge nobody. I don't know. You don't know what rocks to them, they're in their beds. So you don't know what's going on."

5. Christina Milian

"Wayne just gets his artists, which is great. I have a very one-on-one business relationship with everybody from Mack [Maine] to Wayne. They're just very involved in the project and as far as bringing the music, playing songs, just giving their input," Milian revealed in an interview. "Other than make the album, I want to get the single ready. I have a great opportunity with 'The Voice' to perform my single by the time the season is over. So I'm trying to get something ready, whether it's a video or a song. ... That's one thing that's great about Wayne. He's like, 'Work with different producers, take your time, but at the same time, try new things. Don't be stuck on one thing.'"

***WEEKEND TIME! Baseball playoffs are in full effect. Let's not act like we don't know what the New York Yankees are going to do, but it's all about the New York Jets bouncing back. Can't believe I'm saying it, but it's time to let Tim Tebow start. Who couldn't use a little bit of Tebow Mania on Metlife Field? The weather is getting colder and Halloween is just a few weeks away ,so stack up with those horror flicks, lock-in some good delivery grub spots and charge up those X-Box 360 controllers. I'll catch y'all on Tuesday! --BB***</p>

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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