5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Art Of Rap DVD: "Ice-T Does A Hell Of A Job Bringing MCs & Rappers To The Forefront."

Thursday, Oct 4, 2012 1:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for MC Lyte

[From something to nothing, rap's come a long way since its days with Kool Herc in a Bronx basement. And more than three decades later MC Lyte is here to document art of rap throughout the years. Listening to the forefathers who helped create a culture that's not going anywhere, check out MC Lyte's top five reasons to buy The Art of Rap DVD.]

1. The History

It's the History of Rap like never told before.

2. Rap That Makes You Think

It's thought provoking and captivating.

3. A Word From The Forefathers

It's a look into the minds of the forefathers [of this culture, focusing on] the foundation of hip-hop.

4. Freestyles

The freestyles [heard in the film] are bananas. Joe Budden, Kanye [West] and KAZ, [they kill it].

5. Rap's Creativity

Ice-T does a hell of a job bringing MCs and rappers to the forefront in one of the most prolific documentary-style films regarding hip-cop Culture. The dynamic in which this film exposes an MC's level of creativity is unparalleled.

You decide. Will you see what the forefather's of hip-hop have to say about today's culture?

To preview/purchase The Art of Rap, just click here.

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