5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Animal: "The Most Beautiful Love Story W/ A Few Twisted Murders Thrown In It!"

Thursday, Oct 25, 2012 2:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for K'wan Foye

[With nearly 20 books under his belt, Cash Money Content author, K'wan Foye, has released another street thriller for the fans. Animal is the 5th piece to the puzzle about a kid from the streets who thinks God forgot about the hood. A page-turner that takes you there, this novel will make you rethink everything you know about the streets. Need five reasons to buy it? Check out everything K'wan Foye has to say.]

1. Original Cash Money Content

It's a great story. I wrote five versions of it and this is the final. It's a great book because I took my time with it, and I wrote a really original story line. In this genre, a lot of this stuff is recycled, so I feel like Animal is an original and off-the-wall story line.

2. Life Of An Animal

It brings you up to speed with one of urban fiction's most popular characters, Animal. Animal came up very rough. Let me paint a picture for you: You're dad walks out on you, it's obvious your mother doesn't want to be bothered by you and your stepfather kicks the sh*t out of you every chance he gets. His stepfather used to lock him up in a dog cage with no water...till he was damn near dead. He would go to school dirty, and everybody would call him Animal because of his appearance. He embraced the name.

3. True Story

If you've been following my career...I think I've finally written a complete story. I think a lot of his personality is based on me at different stages in my life with the exception that I've never been a mass murderer. Of all my characters, I think I put more of me in Animal than any other character.

4. Fatal Attraction

It's the most beautiful love story with a few twisted murders thrown in it. The story originally started four books ago. I have these two broken kids, Animal and Gucci--I call them broken kids because they were just totally f*cked up in their own way. Gucci was a good kid, but she didn't believe in hood dudes. Animal's broken in the sense that he was abused. He came up thinking God didn't love children in the ghetto. But when they got together, they begin to teach each other about the other side.

5. Everyone Can Relate

Animal appeals to everyone, young and old, because you have to keep in mind...Animal is barely in his 20s. Animal and Gucci are just kids trying to make it, but they're dealing with very adult problems.

You decide. Will you purchase Cash Money Content's latest thriller?

To preview/purchase Animal, just click here.

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