5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: A Dream Deferred: "We Made It Come To Life. It's More Than Getting Emails With A mp3 From A Dope Producer."

Tuesday, Oct 2, 2012 1:02AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Skyzoo

[From The Way You Get Down to The Salvation, Skyzoo has always come correct when it comes to his music. But today, he's releasing a project he feels is above anything in his catalogue. Remembering the roots of Langston Hughes, and determined to tell a story, Skyzoo is telling you the top five reasons why you should buy his new album, A Dream Deferred.]

1. Lyrical Superiority

[This project] is lyrically superior than anything I've ever done to date. That's not to discredit anything that I've done because I'm a fan of all of my work, and I feel like everything I do is supposed to be better than the previous. I feel like I've accomplished that throughout the course of my career, but this definitely goes above and beyond where any other project I've done has gone lyrically.

2. Sonic Boom!

This project does the same as No. 1, but sonically. This goes further and beyond anything I've ever done from the beat that I chose to the way that we went in and we enhanced it and co-produced everything. When I say "we" I mean !llmind and myself. We brought in string sections and horn sections and just really made it come to life. It's more than just getting emails with an mp3 from a dope producer; it's bigger than that. We really put a lot forward.

3. Made For You

The album is about you, and when I say "you" I mean any and everyone listening to the album. The album is about me, but it's more so about you. The goal with this project is "relatability"--people being able to relate to the project; people being able to relate to the music. The story has never meant more, or had more depth to it.

4. Exceeding Expectations

The album does everything that you want it to and then some. I think it's gonna exceed the expectations of the listener, of the fan, of the diehard Skyzoo fan who's been waiting for it for the longest. And, even if you're a new Skyzoo fan and you just got hooked yesterday...this is gonna do everything you want it to and then some. I can't speak highly enough about this project.

5. Album Of The Year

It's just the best hip-hop album of 2012, and I don't have a problem saying that to anybody or around anybody, period. And that's not to discredit anybody's else's project--there's been a lot of great projects...that came out this year, and we still have a couple month's left so I feel there are some that even have the potential to be really, really great. But just understand this, the way it was put together--lyrically, sonically, the storytelling, the "relatability"--there's nothing that I feel is doing what this album is doing.

You decide. Will you purchase Skyzoo's sonic display of lyrical superiority?

To preview/purchase A Dream Deferred, just click here.

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