Exclusive: Ying Yang Twins & Torion Say Who Dat?: "Atlanta Falcons Are A Good Team But The Saints Hold It Down"

Friday, Sep 7, 2012 1:00PM

Written by SOHH for Torion & Ying Yang Twins

[In celebration of the NFL season beginning this week, SOHH is kicking things off with your favorite rappers boasting about their top teams. Today, Young Money's Torion and the Ying Yang Twins say "Who Dat?" for the New Orleans Saints.]

You already know, Saints all day. Who dat?! Who dat?! The Atlanta Falcons are a good team but the Saints hold it down.

I've seen them because my family is from Louisiana so I have to show them some support.

It's going to be a great season. We've kind of had some politics [with the bounties] but you still can't go down. Other teams do their thing but my team is still the New Orleans Saints.

I'm not sure if they can go all the way to the Super Bowl this time. They're sticking in there. They've got a lot of stuff going on and that's why I say there's a lot of politics and so I don't think it's going to be as easy. They're going to have some trouble getting [to the Super Bowl].

I think having the Super Bowl take place in New Orleans is going to be crazy. -Torion Sellers

I really don't follow sports but I'm a Saints fan because they showed me some love. I don't care who wins, whoever wins, congratulations. -Ying Yang Twins' D-Roc

I'm a diehard Falcons fan but I love the Saints just for the love they showed us [playing 'Halftime' at the games.] -Ying Yang Twins' Kaine

Check back in a little later today when Chino XL puts on for his Raider Nation.

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