Underrated: "There Are A Lot Of Rappers That Can Flow Their A** Off That Can't Do What [He] Does"

Tuesday, Sep 25, 2012 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Too $hort

[Each week, SOHH asks two entertainment personalities to name who they feel is the most underrated emcee in hip-hop. After Jugrnaut gave Jadakiss the title last week, Too $hort crowns himself and E-40 SOHH Underrated.]


From the Bay Area, I would definitely include Too $hort and E-40. I'd have to put those two down for the same spot because we are so relevant to so many people but in the large measure of hip-hop, careers and impact, you never want to bring up those names.

We have a cult following. We won't ever go away. In my personal opinion, I don't need the credit. I'm good. I think 40 is much better. 40's flow is much better than me but I think the style that I rap is supposed to be overlooked because it's genius.

The genius part about it is the flow doesn't have to be all f*cking melodic and uptempo. This is the reason why Soulja Boy can win or Birdman from Cash Money can win. If you listen to those songs, there's a genius in recording that kind of way.

I don't feel I'm underrated in the world of hip-hop, I just feel like in the world of greatness in hip-hop, there's a debate. The debate is lyrics win and delivery win.

I just feel like we have elements of hip-hop like graffiti and breakdancing and rapping. But there's also these elements of being an actual rapper and being able to freestyle. How does your voice sound once you've recorded something? How do you rock a crowd? How do you look? Those are al elements of hip-hop.

There are a lot of rappers that can flow their a** off and freestyle endlessly that can't do what I do.

From day one, I've been ripping. I can't freestyle with the best rappers but they can't do what I've done from day one. So on that note, I think the underrated guys are E-40 and Too $hort from the Bay because that's special to me.

Too Short never had the skills or technique of LL Cool J or Big Daddy Kane, but what the Oakland rapper lacks in technique, he always more than made up for with irresistible, '70s-inspired funky grooves that simply won't quit. When Short -- after enjoying a small cult following for a few years in Northern California -- joined a major label with Life Is...Too Short's predecessor, Born to Mack, too many East Coast MCs were inundating hip-hop with cliché tracks consisting of only James Brown samples and a drum machine. Too Short, however, presented an attractive alternative with highly melodic danceable tracks that made his love of '70s funk heroes like Parliament, the Ohio Players, and Cameo apparent.

Check out Too $hort's music below:

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