Singled Out: "Shout-Out To Diddy. He's Like The King Of Harlem"

Tuesday, Sep 25, 2012 5:00PM

Written by SOHH for Ca$hflow

[SOHH highlights a hot record each Tuesday and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After Lil Scrappy uncovered the new "Paws" anthem, New York rapper Ca$hflow breaks down his Ma$e-featured "Young Harlem N*gga."]

We did this record in Harlem. We were uptown, around 155th. That's like the back of Harlem, right by the Rucker. We kind of just shot that whole vibe over there.

With this record, we got a strong co-sign from Ma$e at the beginning where he's saying people should check me out. He's like one of the first artists to really do it big from our town. I know the vision I was going for and knew we needed support and chemistry.

In the music video, I've got my real boys from the block. There's nothing scripted. We just came out, the cameras started rolling, and we had everyone out there, even the ice cream truck was rocking with us.

There were dudes doing car tricks and it was just a live feel in the music video. It was authentic, there was nothing fabricated about it. We went down to the Carter [Graham Court] that was featured in New Jack City and we just got it done.

Everything was on the feel. This video was shot pretty recent. It was probably shot a few weeks ago.

The record and vibe is pretty simple to explain. A lot of people are repping Harlem right now. The spot is starting to warm up once again and I just think it's been kind of misrepresented right now. So I wanted to paint an exact picture of Harlem from what I see and the actual essence and culture of what we got.

I just let everybody know what's up. Ciroc, shout-out to Diddy, he's like the king of Harlem. I captured the Ciroc, the Nino Brown's, the Rico's and I gave them everything in that record. Shout-out to anybody who can relate to what I'm saying on the record.

Every hood has their own little Harlem right now. We're definitely trend setters and I gave them the culture that's around here.

Check out "Young Harlem N*gga" below:

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