5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Purpose: An Immigrant's Story: "Everyone Knows He Ran For President...It Wasn't Some Vanity Project."

Friday, Sep 28, 2012 1:30AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Anthony Bozza

[Known for his uncanny way worth words, New York Times Best-Selling author, Anthony Bozza, has teamed up with Wyclef Jean over the past two years to help pen his biography, Purpose: An Immigrant's life. After hitting shelves last week, SOHH caught up with this renowned writer to find out the five reasons our readers should purchase this 288-page saga. Check it out!]

1. The Fugees

I agreed to do the book and I was excited to do the book because The Fugees are one of the most important hip-hop groups of their era. From their message to their musicality is the versatility of all their members. They're legendary. Getting the background on what went into making Blunted on Reality and The Score is an important part of hip-hop history that needed to be told and needs to be heard, especially for fans who weren't old enough to be around and appreciate everything that The Fugees were doing at the time.

2. The Story

Wyclef's story in and of itself, whether he was a successful musician or not, is a rags to riches American, immigrant story. Those are an important part of American culture and the fabric of why people still come to America, and he really did it! He was born in Haiti; he was there for the first nine or ten years of his life. He was born in a shack with a dirt floor. For him to come here with nothing [and] as the son of a minister to come and make it in hip-hop and do everything he's done is just a success story. The thing about Wyclef, that people will learn, is he isn't just a rapper.

3. A Musical Legacy

I think [Wyclef] is very underrated as an MC. He's got an incredible way with words, he's usually always had pretty conscious lyrics and is just a fantastic story teller lyrically. I feel like that's been forgotten--that he's fantastic at that. Since The Carnival and he's gone a little bit more musical with his music...his music's taken a little bit of a turn. Growing up he was in a jazz band, he was a leader in the band at his father's church...and he was in The Fugees at the same time. I think you would be pretty hard pressed to find that people think are great today, who can do all of that. They just don't exist.

4. Like Father Like Son

His relationship with his father is a very touching part of his story. His father was the son of a voodoo priest in Haiti, and Wyclef's grandfather wanted his father to become a priest as well. Wyclef's father rebelled as a lot of teenagers do, and basically took up Nazarene Christianity. Wyclef's father [became] very involved in the church, and wanted Wyclef to be in the church. Wyclef did the same thing and rebelled against his own father and went in to hip-hop. But the interesting thing is that all three men became leaders in their community, they just picked the opposite community that their father wanted.

5. First-Hand Accounts

You get a real, first-hand account, by a Haitian, about everything that happened in Haiti, from the earthquake and everything that's gone on since. I think the fact that everyone knows that he ran for president...that might have been misunderstood by people who thought he was some celebrity who thought he could do it better. But he's not. It really came from the heart. And once you get to that part of the book you'll understand exactly why he did it. It wasn't some vanity project.

You decide. Will you purchase Wyclef's from-rags-to-riches story?

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