Guest Star: "My Wild Rabbit Is Creating Content. I Want To Keep Doing Great Work & Be Recognized As The Best" [Video]

Wednesday, Sep 19, 2012 12:45AM

Written by SOHH for Elliott Wilson

[Hennessy's Wild Rabbit represents that voice inside all of us that endlessly inspires and pushes us onward and upward to bigger and greater achievements. For online hip-hop veteran journalist Elliott Wilson, the Wild Rabbit inspires him to create fresh and relevant content that will have Wilson recognized as the best hip-hop writer in the game. In the first video of his Hennessey series, Wilson heads to the barbershop where, he explains, the voice of the street is heard. The man with endless talking points reminds us that, "your opinion is nothing unless you can back it up." Take a trip down the rabbit hole.]

There's always another level to achieve. There's always pushing to take it a step further, there's always looking for the next level to achieve.

My Wild Rabbit is creating content. I want to keep doing great work and I want to, at the end of the day, be recognized as the best. And I will always be debatable so that's why there is never enough to do what you create because you're still defined by what you're doing. Your latest victory.

People always say in hip-hop that the barber shop is one of the places where you get honest opinions about what's really going on. It's not influenced by the cultural forces of the music business. This is what the people demand on the street and what the underground really feels.

So I like to go to places like that. I think that's always something to keep you grounded and when you tell your truth or you write about things, you're telling how you really feel about them and backing up what your opinions are.

Your opinion means nothing unless you can back it up.

Elliott Wilson is most known for leaving his imprint in the hip-hop game with the touch of a pen. He founded Ego Trip magazine in the 1990's and later became an editor at The Source. He would then go on to helm the position of editor in chief for XXL. Since parting ways with XXL, Wilson has remained as an active online hip-hop journalist and personality.

Make sure to check back next Wednesday, September 26th for the next installment of Elliott Wilson's Hennessy Wild Rabbit journey.

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