Guest Star: "I've Got A Lot Of Major Deals On The Table Right Now - It's Like A Bidding War"

Friday, Sep 21, 2012 3:45PM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Cassidy

[In light of Roscoe Dash revealing how shady the music industry can be at times, Philadelphia rapper Cassidy details his own independent grind and dealing with record labels.]

My last project [C.A.S.H.] was on my own production company [through] E1 Entertainment [formerly Koch].

That was the first time that I executive produced my own project. This time around I wanted to do it on a more major level. I've got a lot of major deals on the table right now. I'm just letting my people figure out what's the best situation for me, so we in a lot of meetings.

It's like a bidding war. We got people giving us proposals as we speak, so I should have that situated in no more than a month-and-a-half or two months. And then my album will be done around that time, so I should be ready to rock. [I will] put out a single before the year is out, and the album will probably drop top of the year. [Around] February, [or] something like that.

I got a few names for the album, but I don't want to let it out the bag yet because I'm not sure exactly which one I'm going to use yet. [But] I'm definitely going in a certain direction with this album. It's similar to what I always do -- you know, bars, lyrics, metaphors, similes and things like that, but this time around it's more mature concepts.

[I'm] showing my growth, showing my maturity and letting people know that I can do what the younger cats do as far as making good records. But at the end of the day, I've got a legacy. I've got history. I've put a lot of time in so I know a lot of things the average young cat don't know that's just coming in the game.

Plus, on my mixtape I tend to go hard to show people I've got bars and I'ma street dude because that's what really what you're supposed to do on a mixtape level. I mean, on Mayhem Music I dropped a few joints for the ladies that's talking about ladies and things like that -- but on this album, I'm going to do a lot of tracks for my female fan base because they stuck with me through the whole period, even when I really didn't have no music out.

When I go to my shows, there's nothing but ladies there so I've got a lot of records for the ladies--big records. I think my single is going to be this song called "Take You Down," and it's dedicated to the females.

The first MC of significance to be supported by Swizz Beatz's J-affiliated Full Surface label, Cassidy is a fresh-faced Philadelphian who gained a lot of attention as a battle rapper -- with a successful bout against Freeway as one of the first feathers in his cap. People who had been following him through several mixtape appearances were more than a little surprised by the angle taken on his first solo single, "Hotel." Rather than build on his street credibility, Cassidy used the song -- with vocal hooks courtesy of R. Kelly -- to establish himself as an MC who could just deliver a fluffy chart-aimed hit with equal ease.

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