News: French Montana's Wife Calls Him A Real Bad Boy: "You're Trying To Use Me To Get A Buzz"

Tuesday, Sep 11, 2012 4:42PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Bad Boy Records rapper French Montana is catching heat from an alleged estranged wife Deen Kharbouch in light of recent comments he made about their long-term relationship coming to an abrupt end.

Resorting to Twitter, the alleged woman called out the rapper for not living up to his duties as a father and husband.

"@frenchmontana ur trying to use me to get a buzz. Your fans deserve to know the truth. They would be fans no more.," she tweeted September 10th.
"@frenchmontana abandonment is NOT cool.. Family First!"
"@DaNYCGossipGirl @frenchmontana We have been married for 6 years and NOW he brings me up???"
"@frenchmontana THUGS at OUR door@"5:46 in the mornin''all that money over hereTHEYheard about it''security need security'wat about Wife&Son"
"@frenchmontana THUGS at OUR door@"5:46 in the mornin"all that money over hereTHEYheard about it"security need security" wat about Wife&Son"
"@MR_CARENOT @RADIOCHIK1 who knew that @FrencHMonTanA aka #cokeboy would try to diss his wife @deenkharbouch" (Deen Kharbouch's Twitter)

Last week, Montana revealed his separation from Deen and said fame ultimately caused them to break-up.

"Man, I couldn't do it; that's why we got separated," French explains. "At first it was smooth, but then as much as people think that money changes you, it's changing them around you. A person ain't gonna treat you the same now that they think that you think you somebody." (The Boom Box)

He also detailed how money contributed to their quiet split.

"You around so many beautiful women, that's a conflict too," he says. "It's just about finding somebody that understand the game, what you're into. But then on the flip side of the coin, you gotta understand their game, what they into ... There's a flip side to everything. You can't expect to make all this money and not go through problems. You can't expect God to give you everything you want without taking something away." (The Boom Box)

Last June, Grammy-winning producer Jerry Wonda spoke to SOHH about Montana's steady grind and work ethic.

"Man, you know what, I've worked with a lot artists in my day, going back to 1996. I've been really getting in and working with a lot of different artists. That dude is so hungry, man, he cut up about seven songs in one day," Wonda told SOHH referring to French Montana. "Actually, it was one afternoon, not even one day. Cats show up at night, like around nine o'clock and stay until five o'clock in the morning. He got seven songs done, man. Seven songs. He's no joke. People think he blew up overnight but at the end of the day, he's put in a lot of overtime. [laughs] He's put everything into it, man." (SOHH)

Check out a recent French Montana interview below:

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