5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: First Of A Living Breed: "[It's The] Truth About Society & About The Music Industry ... The Album Promises A New Day."

Thursday, Sep 27, 2012 1:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Homeboy Sandman

[Promising a new day for hip-hop with his newest project, First Of A Living Breed, Homeboy Sandman ready to set the music world straight. From rapid-fire flows to melodic undertones, this Queens MC is here to tell you the top five reasons to cop his latest LP.]

1. The Produce

The production has a range of cats ... guys that are well-known guys and guys that are flourishing to guys more on the cusp like 6th Sense to guys that are becoming household names to guys that are brand new. There's great range as far as the production too--from boom-bap to settle to real piercin' production to real nuance production. [It] has amazing range and we have a great variety of producers.

2. Insight & Truth

We got songs like "Couple Bars," that just talks about love in a way that you don't even hear in hip-hop really. And then we got songs like "Eclipse," touchin' on truth about society and about the music industry that people are not touchin' on in hip-hop records--truths that people aren't saying, are too afraid to say or too insecure to say.

3. Your Homeboy's Record

3. It's a Homeboy Sandman record. One of the primary reasons to get it is gonna be the flows. From choppy to rapid fire to subdued to aggressive. We got songs like "Rain," with crazy jet flows [that are] aggressive [and] assertive to songs like "Nah, Really," which are much more laid back and much more calm. It's not even just the flows and how they sound, but the tones that they convey. I'm using flows and I'm using cadences to communicate so much on their own.

4. Spirit of Music

The fourth reason would be to share emotion. I feel like on this record, I'm showing more--take a song like "Eclipse," I've never shown that type of anger or frustration in a record. Take a song like "Couple Bars," that type or adoration, or a song like "Four Corners," it's really just capturing the spirit. The emotion and spirit of the record is very strong and it's gonna come through.

5. Optimism

It's called First Of A Living Breed, it's about the changing of a god. It's about the fact that even though there's a zillion corny things going on--and people take part in corny things--you gotta not be corny, I believe. I believe that not being corny should be everyone's primary goal on this earth. Being dead and not corny is way better than being alive and corny. So the optimism of songs like "First Of A Living Breed," songs like "Let's Get Em," ... the album promises a new day. It's providing a blueprint for making things better. It's not just problems with no solutions.

You decide. Will you purchase Homeboy Sandman's new project?

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