5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Champs Sports SWAG: "[We've Got] Kevin Durant, Josh Hamilton, Brandon Jennings & Plenty More Who Embody Swagger"

Tuesday, Sep 4, 2012 12:20AM

Written by SOHH for Frank Bracken

[With the new launch of Champs Sports' SWAG e-zine now official, Champs Sports Vice President of Marketing Frank Bracken gives SOHH readers his top five reasons you need SWAG in your life.]

1. It's All About Game

SWAG features stories on the most important players in sports, hip-hop and fashion. Each issue focuses on where they came from, what they've been through and what drives them to be the best at what they do. Our first issue features Kevin Durant, Josh Hamilton, Matthew Stafford, Brandon Jennings, Chiddy Bang, Levi Maestro and plenty more who embody swagger.

2. Lights, Camera, Action

There are 11 great videos in the first issue of SWAG, and each one of them is completely original. We put Matthew Stafford's arm to the test to see how far he can throw random objects. We quizzed Kevin Durant on hip-hop lyrics. We asked Josh Hamilton who he'd rather face - C.C. Sabathia or Justin Verlander. You won't find video content like this anywhere else.

3. Get Fresh Like Me

Check out the latest gear at Champs Sports from Nike, Adidas, Under Armour, Jordan Brand and more all in one place. From hoodies and snapbacks to the latest sneakers and graphic tees, it's all here.

4. Cop A Feel

If you like the shirt Kevin Durant is wearing in his story, just tap the screen and you can purchase it right away from the Champs Sports mobile site. Want to see all of the different colorways for the Under Armour shoes Brandon Jennings is wearing? It's one tap away.

5. Got SWAG?

We put a lot of time and effort into creating an interesting magazine that's fun to interact with on mobile devices. If you have any Apple or Android mobile device, you can have SWAG in your hands in just a matter of seconds - for free.

You Decide. Will you add some SWAG to your life?

To get your hands on SWAG, just click here.

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