Pulse Report: Kanye West Proves He's Self-Centered, DMX's Back To His Crazy Antics, Drake Gets Indirectly Dissed

Friday, Sep 21, 2012 12:45PM

Written by Bulldog Butters

In this week's Pulse Report, we put the light on Kanye West as he shows he's all about his own promo, laugh our tails off at DMX's latest antics, find out how badly Drake got accidentally clowned and oh SOHH much more!

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

1. Me, Myself & I

I really have a lot of respect for Kanye West. Honestly. If you were to ask me where I'd place him in my Top 10, he'd possibly be flirting with Top 5 status. But with that said, he's a complete a-hole when it comes to media and press. I "get" the fact that he thinks America is out to get him and in most cases, he might have a point but when you break your little "code of silence" to sell a few album copies? C'mon Kanye West, really? Have you really scooped that low just to sell your new group's album?

"I like when I get mad at music because it's so good. I'm like, 'Oh sh*t, why didn't we think of that? Why didn't we do that?' I'm not interested in things unless they just hit me in a certain place in my heart and my gut. I get bored really easily. I'm like majorly underwhelmed in general. I'm looking for some form of excitement for this music to be our outlet. We started off by just getting everybody in the lab together. We reached out to other camps to just do something new and exciting hi hip-hop minus all the politics." (Kanye West)
"One track might have 30 people's opinions on it. It's not just about a tracklist and a name. It's about the communion style of work. We spend just as much time working on the actual album packaging, as the video concept, as the song. Everything is equally as important. It got to a point where I had to the album artwork in front of me while I was working on the songs, and I would listen and say, 'Does this song sound like this packaging looks?' It was like a dream for Pusha to be on a record with Ghostface, for CyHi to be on the same record as Raekwon and Common. Now, we're making music to create to, music you're listening to on your way to work so you can deal with your boss, music you can listen to because you'r'e the boss and can deal with your employees. We take it very that we make the best product we can but also we're light with it too. We just want to have fun, commune -- the whole thing is about empowerment. We're just trying our best, that's all you can ask for. This isn't the beginning of the conversation, this isn't the end of the conversation. It's our offering as a collective of a sonic snapshot of what's happening right now, 2012. This cruel summer." (Kanye West)

^ Maybe it's just me but I can't respect that. I can't get over the fact Kanye West does this litlte "silent" treatment, going on shows like "106 & Park" with 2 Chainz and acting like he's mute but then when his LP is out, he'll do a full-fledged commentary on it? What part of the game is that? Like I said, I think Kanye West is vastly talented but his logic for doing things doesn't make much sense to me. And let's not go with it being some artistic decision b/c we've seen how he gets down with Kim Kardashian on-camera. SMH. Maybe I should have let Roscoe Dash pen this particular post. LOL.

2. The Dog Is Back

LOL! If there were ever a week where "Doggy of the Week" needed to be reinstated, this has to be it. LOL. Turns out DMX was a good week late on doing promo for his new LP but that didn't stop him from stopping at all sorts of radio shows and giving the most hilarious testimonials. Can I even call it testimonials? LOL!!! There were plenty of antics he was up to but what he pulled off at Power 105.1 and Sirius XM Radio? Bonkers! LOL! Give it up for these classic DMX moments. The old X is gone and he's crazier than ever.

^ LOL! I still can't believe DMX doesn't know how to use a computer. C'mon! LOL!!! But on the real, his interview with DJ Whoo Kid was funny. The ice cream cone and his screaming? DMX may never be the dog that we remember him as during those Belly days but he's still hilarious.

3. Moment of the Week: Drake Gets Indirectly Played

I really try my best to make sure the "Moment of the Week" features stem from stories that SOHH has covered but there's one thing that's gotta get some shine on it that didn't end up on the site. LOL. Now I'm not sure how many of y'all are familiar with the South Korean rapper Psy (I really don't know him either) but turns out he's got a crazy buzz and straight up clowned Drake recently. Ready for the catch? It was by accident. LOL.

"I was at the VMA and I was sitting down at the chair, and someone asked me, 'Hey, how much your music video cost? Hey, who wrote the track?' I said, 'I wrote the track,' and he said, 'Oh, yeah? Wow.' But I didn't recognize who he was. And then suddenly when they announced, 'The winner is Drake,' and then he stands up, and he walks away. I was like, 'Oh! Is that Drake?' So Drake asked me something and I was like, 'Who is he?' Am I nuts? So after he came back, I said, 'Oh, Drake, I'm so sorry.'" (XXL Mag)

LOL! That's funny. I think it's funny b/c Drake seems like the type of RAPPER that would be insulted if you didn't acknowledge him. I can't fake, if I had singles on the radio left-and-right and got attached to some of the finest video vixens in the world and oh yeah, made it onto Forbes on a regular basis, I'd feel like every doggy in the world would have to know who I am. Apparently that didn't happen with Psy. LOL!!!

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Topaz West

There's something about corporate women that drives me crazy. Back in the day, I used to fiend over women in dresses and business attire. Maybe it's b/c I got turned onto bad 80's adult flicks courtesy of my cousins that always featured bad acting, a chick in high heels and dress that just happened to get called into her boss' office after work hours to do some late-night work. LOL. What's the point? Well, turns out Topaz West is good a juggling modeling and a corporate job. I'd dress her up just to dress her down. Give props, doggies, she's a certified beauty:




Now don't laugh. I know most of y'all are into all of the booty-shaking and glistening boobs but I've got something better in store. How about some acting by Topaz? LOL. OK, so maybe YouTube didn't really have those vids. Bear with it!

5. Rappers Say The Darndest Things

There were some pretty interesting RAPPERS talking loose this week. Let's star with Kreayshawn. Kreay, I used to think you might be able to take over the rap game and after hearing your explanation for why we should vote? SMH. You've nearly made me want to NOT vote. C'mon. Then it's off to a rapper named Hopsin. Look, I can't stand Drake very much these days either but dissing the YOLO movement? SMH. Corny. And what's up with DMX? Talking reckless about screwing other women and wifey supposed to be cool with it? LOL. Stop it. Of course we've got to make room for Bow Wow. Telling us your fear of hair as a child is about as interesting as your Cash Money Records shelved LP. And last? Lil Wayne, using Frank Ocean as a joke? That's not cool. No way.

1. Kreayshawn

"I think it's important. For a while I thought the elections were kind of going on behind everyone's back because I felt like nobody was really talking about it and every day I watch the news and see so much stuff. So I think it's important just because even though people say your vote doesn't matter or either way, either person you pick it's the same result, it's just good to feel like, you know, whoever wins, you're like, 'Yeah! I wanted that person to win.' Nothing is ever going to go the way we want it to but I'm definitely voting for Obama this year."

2. Hospin

And calling out others on their actions has been a trait the rapper has not shied away from since the releases of "Kill Her" and "Sag My Pants." The latter is a song that pointing out the flaws in the messages received by fans and mentioning rappers such as Rick Ross and Drake, two responsible for the phrase "YOLO" (You Only Live Once), popular with young listeners. Hopsin admits the term does sound cool, but it offers people an excuse to be a part of activities that are anything but that. "Another reason to give everybody a reason to do something stupid and create something they can regret five or 10 years down the road," said Hopsin. "'Why did I do that? Why did I YOLO that hard and go to the club that night and get that girl pregnant? Why didn't I use a condom?'"

3. DMX


"I don't t think so. We were friends, but I think she's very bitter. When we lived in the projects and she didn't want to be with me, I had to take that...Let the man say, "You don't have to leave, I'll leave," now I'm the biggest piece of sh*t in the world," he added. "I cheated on her, but it wasn't anything new. I was the same way the whole time she knew me. Since day once she knew I was f*cking other b*tches. It wasn't like "Oh My God, I though you'd never do this." What it is, it's her sister and the other lonely b***hes in her crew all in her ear. I been the same dude my whole life."

4. Bow Wow

"My biggest fear as a child was hair, believe it or not," he tells Fuse. "As a child I had a whole bunch of hair. It was weird. I had braids all the way down to my back. What scared me about hair was that it could fall out and be all over the floor." As an adult, though, he still fears certain foods, namely collard greens. "I don't do well with collard greens," he says. "I don't like greens. I don't like okra. I could be here all day telling you what I don't like."

5. Lil Wayne

In his remix to Future's "Turn On the Lights," Weezy F. cracks a joke about the Odd Future Wolf Gang singer's sexuality. In the line, Wayne flips the "No homo" phrase popularized by Cam'ron, rapping "No Frank Ocean, I'm straight." "Tell her I skate/I ain't got no worries/No Frank Ocean, I'm straight," he raps.

***My Jets took a hard loss to those Steelers last weekend, so it's time to bounce back, y'all. But other than all that sports talk, are any of y'all messing with Dredd 3D this weekend? I can't front, I'm tempted to throw up a few dollars and mess with it just to get some popcorn and soda pop. The debate is in the air. We'll see. Y'all make sure to have a good weekend, I'll catch y'all on Tuesday! --BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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