5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Bella Vita Wine Bags: "Bella Vita Offers Packaging That <Makes The Luxuries That You Purchase Extra Special."

Friday, Sep 14, 2012 12:05AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Bella Vita

[Everyone loves a good glass of wine, but now you can love the bag it comes in! Bella Vita Wine Bags offers the best in luxury and gourmet wine gifting, and now with their Chill It bag you can take chilled wine anywhere. No more brown paper bags. Looking for ways to dress up your wine? Check out Bella Vita's top five reasons to buy their luxury bags.]

1. Luxury Gifting

We focus on wine and gourmet products. It's a hot category that continues to grow even as gifting and people's trends seem to be swayed in terms of consumer giftables. People are always looking for little luxuries, and Bella Vita offers packaging that makes the luxuries that you purchase as gifts extra special.

2. Design

Design is really important to us. Just being on the upper trend of new, unique packaging and different [styles]. For example, [we have] handmade paper products that have little olive clusters that are three-dimensional on top of a handmade paper bag. It just makes it a little bit more special when you're gifting.

3. Quality

Quality is extremely important [in] just the fact that when you're giving away a gift to a customer, you know that your product is in good hands. We test all our products to make sure that they are in goods hands. Anything that has two or three compartments, for bottles, has two or three compartments separated in them to protect the bottles during transportation.

4. Variety

We offer one of the largest varieties of wine and gourmet gift packaging available. Part of our variety is our Chill It bag. They're primarily built for wine and spirits. But we have everything from six-packs for beers to the traditional wine-shaped bags. We were one of the first ones to come out with [this] product.

5. Chill It

[The Chill It bag] is fun. It's always about keeping the attention of the consumer by coming out with new things, and seeing how we can make things a little different...the Chill It bag is a novelty item so we sell it to a ton of gift shops and they sell well all the way through [the year].

You Decide. Will you purchase part Bella Vita's gourmet wine and spirit bag collection?

To preview/purchase the Bella Vita, just click here.

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