5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Another Enemy: "If Anybody Really Wants To Know What Celebrities Are Wearing [The Brand] Check Out Our Website But That's Not What Sells Our Brand."

Thursday, Sep 13, 2012 11:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Justin Lipsky

[In an economy where big business is king, an Ohio-born clothing company has come along to change the game. Inspired by the idea that some people would rather say "f*** off" than "hello," Another Enemy is here to show that expressing yourself is better than following the crowd. Ready to make a statement? Designer and Renaissance man, Justin Lipsky is here to break down the top five reasons why you need to buy this brand.]

1. Artistic Expression

People who buy Another Enemy are usually out here trying to make a statement verbally or just by their appearance. So typically our customers will purchase something because they might not wanna say it, or just indirectly wanna tell somebody to "f*ck off." We like to support a little bit of counter culture with what we do--everything we do is designed to make a statement either verbally or artistically.

2. All Hands On Deck

We're a small company, and we're hands on with everything. A lot of people will ask us who the designer is, and 80% of the time I'm the designer and I'm also the guy who's gonna make sure everything is getting printed correctly. It's very grassroots. There's no corporate hierarchy here. There's no huge company who's trying to pretend that they're underground and from the neighborhood kind of thing. There's no posers over here.

3. It's Never What You Think

Our first season we had this black and white image of five girls flashing a mirror on spring break--on the front of the shirt--and it was one of the only T-shirts that people really bought. It was that, this crazy one with a grizzly bear and two girls eating a hotdog at the same time. You can never tell what people are gonna buy.

4. Consumer Loyalty

We're always associated with the next, upcoming hip-hop artist and stuff like that. We've done a good job at not rooting for the underdog, but backing up the less known--and as they grow, we grow. We've tried to maintain really healthy relationships with guys like Machine Gun Kelly--his first major video that people really paid attention to, he's wearing Another Enemy; Cory Gunz--the first time he performed live with Young Money on BET New Year's Eve [he wore Another Enemy]. You know, we mess with Wiz Khalifa, we mess with Rick Ross, we're fans of these people...a lot of people that have 20,000 fans on Twitter following them...that's similar to us. A lot of people that buy Another Enemy will buy every single thing we have in stock.

5. All About The Customers

[We] could list off a bunch of [famous] people wearing Another Enemy, but most importantly, the people that we care about wearing [our brand] are our loyal customers. If anybody really wants to know what celebrities are wearing Another Enemy just check out our website but that's not what sells our brand.

You Decide. Will you purchase the verbally artistic clothing line?

To preview/purchase the Another Enemy, just click here.

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