Singled Out: "Young Jeezy Ended Up Calling Drake Right When We Were On iChat"

Tuesday, Aug 7, 2012 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for M16

[SOHH highlights a hot record each week and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After Chase N. Cashe explained "Ode to the Real," producer M16 gives SOHH readers the scoop on how he got Young Jeezy, Jay-Z and Andre 3000 on "I Do."]

DJ Toomp is a very good friend of mine, he's like a big brother to me and I look up to him. We go to the studio, throw out ideas and vibe together. I dropped some beats for him because he said he was going around and getting beats.

So he ended up playing the record to Young Jeezy and they called me on iChat. Jeezy was excited and talked about how he was finna go in on it. Young Jeezy ended up calling Drake right when we were on iChat. Later on, I got a text saying Jay-Z was on the song and that's really how it came together.

The first version they put out was with Young Jeeezy, Andre 3000 and Jay-Z. Then they put out the remix with Drake.

Right before the album came out, I got a call from Def Jam saying that the record was actually going to be on the album. For a minute, I guess they didn't know what they were going to do with it. So I got a call early in the morning and they told me it was an official single

This record most definitely put me on another plane. I guess people who really study their music realize I'm not your average Southern producer. I guess it's kind of like a newfound respect.

I was able to do the "106 & Park" off of that. It was big once it came out.

In late 2010, the big names continued to draw to the Tuscaloosa hit maker but when one of the most anticipated hip hop artists (Young Jeezy) and one of the most selective artists (Andre 3000) come together with the biggest name in the music business period (Jay-Z) on one of your beats you know you've got something distinctive on your hands. The something distinctive is the record "I Do", which is slated to be on the new Young Jeezy album "TM 103" set to be released in 2011. It's a continuous journey of growth for M16, and part of this journey has recently seen him move to L.A. There is no doubt that as this voyage continues and his horizons broaden there will be the one thing that shall remain the same. Whether it is an R&B ballad, a pop song or another classic hip hop record, the instant detection of those M16 signature sounds will automatically have listeners saying with a nod of approval; "This is an M16 Production"

Check out "I Do" below:

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