Underrated: "You Might Not Pay Attention To The Lyrics, But The Melody Captivates You"

Thursday, Aug 9, 2012 12:10AM

Written by SOHH for Beck Motley

[Each week, SOHH asks two entertainment personalities to name who they feel is the most underrated emcee in hip-hop. After Skillz gave Snoop "Dogg" Lion the title earlier this week, The Airplane Boys' Beck Motley crowns Wyclef Jean SOHH Underrated.]


For SOHH Underrated, I would have to say Wyclef Jean from The Fugees. Wyclef was the man. Lauryn Hill gets a lot of the flash and she's just one of those emcees that's gifted and she can sing. As you can tell, her melodies are also amazing but Wyclef?

When he spits, it's so organic. It's very much like Drake and Black Thought from The Roots. Those melodies are very timeless. Even as acoustic, as a rapper, you want to sing along to them. Whether you want to sing to it or not, the transition from hip-hop to singing should really be commended.

You're seeing that trend now, especially over in Europe. People want that. It's like going to [music festival] Glastonbury. You want to sing along to something. To do that in hip-hop, it's commendable.

I think the Fugees, Lauryn Hill and especially Wyclef have been able to do that. Also looking at what they stand for. You might not pay attention to the lyrics but the melody is so smooth and it captivates you.

It's that poetry in the music and it's amazing.

The Airplane Boys (Beck Motley & Bon Voyage) are an evolutionary breed of sound that pushes the barriers of modern music. Having mastered their craft with a better grasp of mainstream music, The Airplane Boys have begun to make their move into the pop music industry. Their digital sound constantly evolves; built on captivating synths, experimental drum patterns and intricate lyrics.

Check out Wyclef Jean's music below:

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