5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: You Are Not Alone: "The Album Is Written By The Authors Of The Song, 'Airplanes'... So You Know The Production Is Quality."

Friday, Aug 17, 2012 1:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Kinetics & One Love

[After meeting in college, Jeremy "Kinetics" Dussolliet and Tim "One Love" Sommers soon became the production duo best known for the B.o.B hit, "Airplanes." Since then the two-man crew has teamed up with artists such as Wynter Gordon, Termanology, R.A. the Rugged Man and more. And now, after working on recent collaborations, Kinetics & One Love are releases their must-buy LP, You Are Not Alone. If you haven't bought a good record this summer, check the New York crew's top five reasons to cop the album.]

1. Airplanes

The album is written by the authors of the song, "Airplanes," which was a six-times platinum, Grammy-nominated song. So you know that the chorus and the production and the songwriting are gonna be quality.

2. Musical Blends

It's the perfect blend of mainstream pop and authentic, New York City hip-hop-- because of reason No. 1 mixed with the fact that I [Kinetics] am an experienced battle rapper with a scar on my face to prove it.

3. Quality Guest Appearances

The features on the [album] are dope, which include Jadakiss, Nitty Scott and Wynter Gordon. [Nitty Scott] is mad cool! That's our girl. She's on our mixtape and she's on our album.

4. Cybemetic Organism

There's a song called, "From Gorillas to Cyborgs." It's a crazy song. It's really trippy. It explains why music brings people together through a metaphor. You probably think we're crazy right now, but the album is crazy. [People] just really need to listen to the song. The title enough should be intriguing.

5. The Face Of Tomorrow

We're from the future.

You decide. Will you buy the Airplanes' duo's latest album?

To preview/purchase You Are Not Alone, just click here.

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