5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Year of the Dragon: "This Is The First Album To Ever Come Out For Free From Busta Rhymes"

Monday, Aug 20, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Busta Rhymes

[With his new Year of the Dragon album dropping tomorrow, Cash Money rap veteran Busta Rhymes gives SOHH readers five reasons to pick up his first-ever free solo LP.]

1. Back On My New Sh*t

The top five reasons starts off with this is my first album in three years. My last album came out in 2009, so there's a lot of sh*t that I've been able to experiment with over the last few years and that I've been able to cook up. That's the first reason.

2. Boom Boom

This is that good, traditional boom bap I think people miss for one and people are glad to have it back again.

3. All In The Gang

The third reason is because people appreciate when you're working. I think people really appreciate it when you have a good vibe with the people you collaborate with. I think one thing people realize is that I'm working with motherf*ckers that I'm actually friends with.

4. Free-99

The fourth reason is because this is the first album to ever come out for free from Busta Rhymes. This is my thank-you album. This is my album for the people that have been going with me for the last twenty years of my career. This is my gift to y'all. I really appreciate the love and support from throughout the years. This is to you.

5. The Definition

And then last but not least, it's a defining moment in the music because in addition to giving the people the traditional sh*t, that you know and love from Busta Rhymes, I'm always going to give you some new sh*t instead of the standard and it's defining the way sh*t is supposed to be out here. That's pretty much it.

You Decide. Will you pick up Busta Rhymes' Year of the Dragon album tomorrow?

Check out the new album by clicking here Tuesday, August 21st.

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