5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: We The Party: "It's An All-Around Awesome Flick & Shows How The Youth Is In Southern Cali"

Wednesday, Aug 1, 2012 5:00PM

Written by Amber McKynzie for the New Boyz

[As the director of New Jack City releases pulled together an all-star hip-hop cast -- Snoop Dogg, New Boyz, YG, The Rej3ctz and more -- for his recent film, We The Party, California duo, the New Boyz are giving SOHH readers five reasons to cop this Friday and House Party-infused flick on DVD in a live 5 Reasons Twitter Q&A today at 230 PM EST. Be sure to follow @sohh @sohhdotcom @newboyz to keep up with the interview and win your own copy of Mario Van Peebles latest film.]

1. The Awesome Flick

Its about to go down with @newboyz in 5, 4, 3, 2 ....

@newboyz ur in the new mario van peebles flick on dvd. Whats the #1 reaaon fans should cop the new film? @sohh

@sohhdotcom @SOHH #WeTheParty is a All around Awesome Flick, shows how the youth is in SoCal. a lot of Big names like Snoop appeared us etc.

2. It's A Move-ment

@ImBenJBro @sohh Word. And whats the movement you all are trying to push right now?

@SOHH @sohhdotcom because the movement been goin on since late 08' early 09' and not too many ppl besides from New Boyz & YG... #WeTheParty

3. Respect The New School

@SOHH @sohhdotcom got any of that Recognition & for Mario Van Peebles to take some time to understand what was goin on wit the.. #WeTheParty

4. The Future Is Now

@SOHH @sohhdotcom LA youth he created an image on how to embrace the Movement instead of disclaiming it. #WeTheParty #100THO Get the Movie

5. The Bottom Line...

@sohhdotcom @SOHH #Ncredble #NewWestOrder #Everything1Hunnid #CakeBoss & dat #BadInfluenceMovement

You Decide. Will cop Mario Van Peebles' new film?

To preview/purchase We The Party, just click here.

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