5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Total Recall: "This 'Total Recall' Is Even Better Than The First. It's More Intelligent & Has More Action"

Friday, Aug 3, 2012 12:15AM

Written by SOHH for Bokeem Woodbine

[With the new Total Recall flick on big screens nationwide today, featured actor Bokeem Woodbine gives SOHH readers his top five reasons to cool off with an action-packed sci-fi summer thriller this weekend.]

1. Next Level

The first reason is because of the innovative visual effects. I want to say there's so many great moments involving groundbreaking shooting techniques and the imagery that's developed on the screen is so exciting and fresh that I would say that's probably my number one reason you should go check it out. Go and see some of this exciting filmmaking.

2. Hollywood Tonight

The cast. We have such a dynamic cast and everybody brought 125 percent to the table. I would say me and Colin Farrell had the most chemistry together. We spent the most time together so I hung out with him the most. He's a super cool cat. Funny dude. Totally professional. We got along well and he's just a lot of fun to work with because he pays a lot of attention to detail and I'm the same way.

3. It Was Written

The third biggest reason is because of the screenplay. It's so well-written that everything you see on the screen was on the page first. It was adapted so well from a short story, originally, and brought to the screen with so much respect given to the audience that the screenplay itself as the origin of all of this is reason enough to go see what was once on the page onto the screen. I'm a huge fan of the first Total Recall because that was such a great picture. It really delivered on so many levels. It was just a real pleasure to watch that movie in the theaters when it first came out. With that having been said, this Total Recall is even better than the first. It's more intelligent and it has even more action if you ask me and the era of CGI [computer-generated imagery] has advanced so much since the first one. We get away with some stuff that you couldn't in 1990.

4. Say My Name

The fourth reason is because Bokeem Woodbine is in the picture. Bokeem Woodbine is in the movie. That right there is reason enough to go ahead and go to the theater, get your popcorn and check the brother out. The three-breasted woman is back for this flick. I heard that everyone was happy that we found a woman with three breasts in our casting. There's not a lot of actresses who have three breasts so from what I understand, everyone was very happy they found the young lady and she got to be in the film.

5. Girl Fight

The fight scene between Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale is my final reason you should go check out the movie. I think people are going to be blown away by the fight scene's realism, how exciting it is and I think it's the kind of moment that happens in films where the audience actually cares and are like, "Wow, what's happened?" It's that much fun.

You Decide. Will you go check out Total Recall?

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