5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: This Time: "I'm Gonna Start Paying The IRS Some Of The Money They Say I Owe Them"

Friday, Aug 24, 2012 12:05AM

Written by SOHH for Beanie Sigel

[With his new This Time album slated to drop next Tuesday, State Property's Beanie Sigel gives SOHH readers his top five reasons to support his final retail project before beginning a two-year jail bid.]

1. Money Talks

The top five reasons why you should buy this album. So I can make money, so I can make money, so I can make money, so I can make money, so I can make money. Nah, I'm joking. [First thing I'll do with the album check is] I'm gonna start paying the IRS some of the money they say I owe them.

2. Broad Street Bully's Back

For one, I believe it's a great album. It's an album that has a lot of substance to it. A lot of albums you buy today, you hear one or two records and you've heard the whole album. I haven't worked on this album very long at all. I got a couple projects that I had done and recorded. I worked on this, worked on the State Property reunion album, so this album is a great album. You're going to really enjoy it.

3. Hi, My Name Is

It's me. It's Beanie Sigel. You're getting a Beanie Sigel album. You know you're getting a great album as far as lyrical content, great stories and good production on the album. I don't think [not knowing who I am] will be an issue unless you've been under a rock or on planet Mars. I'm pretty sure you know who Beanie Sigel is. You're going to get great music, great, lyrical content. It has great songs. It's motivation songs that's going to motivate you to do the best at what you do. The title track, 'This Time,' I think that's a record that whatever you do, when you play the record, it's going to give you inspiration to keep striving, keep going on and never give up.

4. Ruff Riding

This is the first album I'm doing with Chris Schwartz, CEO of Ruffhouse Records. It's just a great vibe. I was sought out by Chris and he's a great guy. We got together and told me about the label and how he was getting back into the music. I was at a pont where I wasn't sure if I was going to record again. I was actually looking for an agent to get into some acting and then I played Chris some music and he said it blew him away. We had a couple meetings, couple discussions, and Chris actually talked me into recording again. Here I am with the new album, This Time.

5. And That's The Bottom Line

It's just a great buy for your music collection, especially if you're a Beanie Sigel fan.

You Decide. Will you purchase the new This Time album?

To pre-order your copy, just click here.

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