Singled Out: "There's Certain Beats That I Know Juicy J Will Act A Fool On"

Tuesday, Aug 14, 2012 8:20PM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Mike Will Made It

[SOHH highlights a hot record each week and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After J Star dissected his Twista and Vado-assisted "Clap Clap Clap" remix, producer Mike Will Made It breaks down Juicy J's "Bands A Maker Her Dance." ]

I knew [the beat] was extra different. When I really had [it] in mind, I didn't know who I was going to give it to. I just knew the beat was extra 'tranced out.' It wasn't really like, 'Oh, okay. This is going to be a strip club banger.' I knew whatever song that was going to be put to it, it was going to be special because of the cadence of the record, and how the joint sounded.

I went through four or five different snares, and I ended up picking up the snare that I did. I just wanted to go for the cheesiest, big sounding snare that nobody would use in a regular beat. When I gave it to Juicy J-- and then when we added the claps into the beat-- I really loved it. I knew it would be a classic Juicy J record, but I didn't think he was going to turn it into a club record like he did. As soon as I heard the song, sh*t, I knew what it was.

[I decided to give the song to Juicy J] because I grew up up as a Three 6 [Mafia] fan. Pretty much, there's certain beats that I know Juicy J will act a fool on. [He] is a real creative man -- from the beats all the way to the flows. I just knew Juicy would do something real creative to it.

The way that the track was flowing, man, I just gave it to him, and sure enough he ended up liking that track along [with] another track he did for my mixtape called 'Cash Everywhere' that I put Ace Hood on for my mixtape, Established 1989. He ended up liking both of those.

This version with [Lil] Wayne and 2 Chainz was really like the original version. The original version didn't really have time to even build like it was supposed to or anything. Wayne and 2 Chainz got on it, and the original version was out, you know what I'm saying? Wayne jumped on it, and 2 Chainz hit [me] and said he wanted to be on it.

It was just hot! So we really look at this version like it's the original. It's the original, not really the remix. We have more verses for the remix. The remix is going to be crazy. We're going to give the original version time to grow [first], shoot a video for it, let it spin on the radio some more, let it climb the charts some more and then we'll go ahead and put together the remix.

Atlanta's always been known for its strip-club anthems, but ATL producer, Mike Will Made It has taken booty-shaking bangers to a new level. From Ace Hood to T.I., Mike has worked with the best of them, and now he's teamed up with Juicy J, one-half of Three 6 Mafia, to drop the pole-dancing, bottle-popping staccato beat for "Bands A Make Her Dance."

Check out Juicy J's "Bands A Make Her Dance" below:

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