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Thursday, Aug 16, 2012 4:15PM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Aer

Using relaxed beats mixed with a mellow version of Twista-influenced flows, Aer rocked out as as the second-highest pre-ordered album on iTunes in July--just behind Rick Ross. While they may not look like your typical hip-hop group, the alternative-rap duo has plenty to say on their new album, The Bright Side. If you still need to be swayed, make sure you're locked into @sohh, @sohhdotcom and @theaermusic at 300pm EST for a live Twitter Q&A about the brighter side of rap.

1. Good Vibes

@TheAerMusic The Bright Side just dropped a couple weeks ago. What's the No. 1 reason ppl should look to get this LP? @sohh

@sohhdotcom @sohh because whatever you're up to, the bright side will match that vibe

@sohhdotcom @sohh the best vibe the world has ever whitnessed. In other words, the self produced, self written, self promoted vibe

2. iTunes Take Over

@TheAerMusic @SOHH Ok. The album was the 2nd most pre-ordered album on iTunes next to Rick Ross. What made it so hot so early?

@sohhdotcom @sohh we have a real loyal fan base who have been waiting to support us w our next project. love yall! #FAM

3. Worldwide Influences

@TheAerMusic @sohh who would you say are your strongest influences?

@sohhdotcom @SOHH Red Hot Chili Peppers, Block Party, and Curren$y

4. Chicago Style

@TheAerMusic @SOHH We listened to the tracks and it sounds like you all have a Twista/Bone Thugs influence. True?

@sohhdotcom @sohh I bumped overnight celebrity for years and learned from that track alone - @Reeves_FAM

5. Flava In Your Ears

@TheAerMusic @SOHH And what would you say are the final two reasons people should definitely seek after this project?

@sohhdotcom @SOHH because 1). It will leave your ears in shock 2). You will be able to be the first to show us to your group of friends #FAM

You decide. Will you purchase Aer's vibed-out album?

To preview/purchase The Bright Side, just click here.

SOHH/The Bright Side Contest:

Wanna chance to win Aer's new LP? Here's what you gotta do:

1 - Follow @sohh and @sohhdotcom

2 - Beginning around 430 PM EST, start checking out SOHH's Twitter accounts for question(s) based on Masta Ace's five reasons to buy The Bright Side. Make sure when you answer the question you mention #SOHH5 and @theaermusic in your response. G'luck!

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