5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Slaughterhouse Ticket Giveaway Finale: "Slaughterhouse Aren't Just Lyrical Murders, They're Beasts On The Microphone...Who Can Forget Royce's 'Hi Rihanna!'?"

Friday, Aug 10, 2012 10:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for SOHH Staff

Everyone loves a good, live show, especially when it's being brought to you by Shady Records. Tonight, Slaughterhouse is hitting the streets of Brooklyn, NY to give their fans the experience they've been waiting for all summer. It's going down at The Well (272 Meserole Street), with doors opening at 6 pm. With tickets going fast, SOHH has one final pair of tickets to check out tonight's Slaughterhouse show in Brooklyn, NY. But hey, if you can't win 'em, SOHH's here to tell you the top five reasons why should buy ticket's to The Well tonight. Hi Rihanna!

1. Gettin' Shady With It

A huge reason fans should go and check out Slaughterhouse is simply because of their association to Eminem. Shady Records is a label packed with talent, from Slaughterhouse to Yelawolf to Eminem. Eminem has a keen talent for picking out stars, and with Royce Da 5'9's relationship with him, is there any doubt a surprise appearance from Marshall Mathers would not go down?

2. Lyrical Murders

It's been three years since Slaughterhouse's debut landed on store shelves and with their new LP just weeks away, there's no doubt these guys are hungry. I remember seeing them perform at B.B. King's in August 2009 and they delivered a high-energy performance. Now fast-forward three years and they are on Shady Records, on the brink of their long-awaited follow-up dropping and have only gotten better as emcees? They are ready to murder microphones.

3. Four MCs & A Microphone

Slaughterhouse aren't just lyrical murders, they're beasts on the microphone. From Joell's ill flow to Joey's classic punchlines, it's pretty hard not to come up with a reason to catch this crew out live. And who can forget Royce's "Hi Rihanna!"? You never know what you're gonna get when these cats take the stage. It's not just another rap show, it's pure entertainment.

4. It's A ... Surprise!

This camp is so connected, you never know who's gonna hit the stage. Freeway's already confirmed to hit the stage, and if Yelawolf's in town fans already know what it is. The question people really want to know is, will Eminem grace the stage, or at least be in the building for support? Guess you gotta get tickets to find out, don't ya?

5. Live HIp-Hop > Than iTunes

Live hip-hop is always better than just listening to the mp3. The artist has more hype from the fans because it's live, and the audience has another reason to fall more in love with the music.

You Decide. Will be in the building at The Well in Brooklyn tomorrow night?

To purchase your tickets to tomorrow night's show, just click here.

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