5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: One Degree: "We Do What We Want ... & We Have A Few People We Respect Wearing [The Brand] Like Prodigy, Ron Artest & Roscoe Dash."

Monday, Aug 13, 2012 12:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for One Degree

[In just two short years, One Degree has hit the streets and taken over the pages of urban media. From magazines to rappers like Prodigy and Roscoe Dash, One Degree is changing hip-hop fashion one message at a time. Need another incentive to buy the brand, check out OD's top five reasons to purchase their collection.]

1. Let Freedom Ring

We do what we want! It is important to us to share how we feel, and to advocate exactly what we feel is right. Whether we design quotes from Biggie, Jay-Z or Nas, or design a political tee in support of Barack Obama it is truly gratifying to be in control of the look and message we design. We do not look to disappoint.

2. Friendly Competition

Everyone who makes a T-shirt is a competitor. You never know who will be the next Rocawear, Sean John, Diamond, 10Deep, etc... We're separated through the genuine care for what we put out, what it says, the feeling it creates for the customer, the red, black and white colors, the high standard of execution and the love of hip-hop that is infused with the designs without them being over the top. We look to find perfect balance in what we design--what we say with that design while we remain positive.

3. Hip-Hop For The Masses

Hip-hop culture is prevalent throughout [the collections]. It is important to exhibit lyrics and assets from the music we have grown up on, and still listen to as it is the very thing that, in many ways, shapes us. Positive, courageous lyrics are everywhere in each collection.

4. Message In A T-Shirt

The messages on the tees are built to uplift. Short, terse phrases are displayed to get the point across on the clothing...[and] the colors--black, white and red--demonstrate power and make it easy to distinguish One Degree.

5. Respect

We have a few people we respect wearing One Degree like Prodigy of Mobb Deep, David Banner, Ron Artest, 40oz Van and Roscoe Dash to name a few.

You Decide. Will cop the latest in hip-hop clothing [with a message]?

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