Guest Star: "No One Does What Drake Does -- Only A Kanye West"

Wednesday, Aug 29, 2012 2:30PM

Written by SOHH for Chase N. Cashe

[After proclaiming Drake as one of hip-hop's finest emcees last fall, producer Chase N. Cashe gives SOHH readers an update on the Drizzy accolade and continues to stand by it.]

I stand by every word I say. I stand by every word I say about me and everything I do and especially about Drake.

N*ggas can say whatever they want about Drake and I think some people might think we just met through music, but nah, that's really like my brother. Let's say it's like if somebody was talking about your brother and your brother was the star running back, getting all of these awards and then you hear people saying, "Your brother isn't the best running back in the state."

It's like, dog, just peep the stats. It's not like I'm making this up. It's not like I'm making this sh*t up. I didn't make it up back when he didn't have [all the attention]. I said he was the best but I didn't say he was the greatest of all time right now.

How can you tell somebody that's 24 or 25 years old with all of these number one's [records] and it took Puffy his whole career to get that many. This guy's barely started and he's got every intangible that I feel like is what we need.

I think a lot of people just want to clown him and you're talking about somebody that's $20 million strong. People need to open up their eyes and stop hating. We started calling Hov, Diddy and all these n*ggas the greatest until the paper started flowing. Then before that, we called a lot of the brokest n*ggas the best and sh*t like that.

It's not even me calling Drake the best because of his financial [wealth] and the stats, I don't know too many n*ggas f*cking with Drake in the rap sh*t to keep it real with you. I can name n*ggas I f*ck with like J. Cole but no one does what he does. No Rick Ross' or Jay-Z's, only a Kanye West as far as making the whole package.

He's very diverse. I don't think anybody can not call him the greatest with calling Jay-Z and Kanye West that. They are the only two.

At age 17 the budding beatsmith had a chance online meeting with future production partner Hit-Boy of the already established Surf Club via popular social networking website MySpace. After exchanging pleasantries, Hit-Boy invited Chase N. Cashe out to Fontana, California, an uncalculated leap of faith for both sides that would go on to spawn chart topping music and most importantly a lasting brotherhood. Now with a Grammy-nominated platinum single under his belt (Lil' Wayne's 2009 collaborative effort with Eminem, "Drop The World), Chase N. Cashe is stepping from behind the production helm and into his new comfort zone -- in front of the world.

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