5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: MA_DOOM: Son Of Yvonne: "This Album Is In Honor Of My Mother Yvonne - I Didn't Get To Say THANK YOU."

Wednesday, Aug 15, 2012 5:00PM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Masta Ace

Masta Ace finally dropped his collaborative LP with MF Doom, and he's here to tell you the top five reasons to cop the project. Be sure to follow @sohh, @sohhdotcom and @mastaace, and tune in for a live Twitterview with the Brooklyn-bred MC at 330pm EST. Then make sure to stay locked into SOHH's Twitter accounts for your chance to win a copy of the album!

1. A Song For Mama

@mastaace your collaborative project just came out with MF Doom. What's #1 reason people should cop this album? @sohh

@sohhdotcom @sohh i put my heart into this album! I give a sneak peek n2 my childhood. This album is in honor of my mother Yvonne
@sohhdotcom @sohh i didnt get to say THANK YOU... I love u Ma.

2. Musical Therapy

@mastaace @SOHH nice! What made you decide to dedicate this album to your mother?

@sohhdotcom @sohh she passed away u expctdly and i never got the chance to say everything i wanted. This album is a form of therapy 4me

3. The Real Brownsville Brooklyn

@mastaace @SOHH wow! Thats deep. You mentioned the album takes a look into ur childhood as well. How so?

@sohhdotcom @sohh the album opens with me at 12 yrs old introducing my family and showing u around our apt in the pjs #Brownsville #Brooklyn
@sohhdotcom @sohh the first pic i paint is on the opening song "Nineteen Seventy Smthg". I show u my moms vinyl collection and...
@sohhdotcom @sohh she would usually blame my uncle Marvin for the missing records cause she didnt kno i was n2 music yet.
@sohhdotcom @sohh tell a story of how i would "borrow" her records to go dj at my boy Bryan's crib. I take u thru a day i took her Parliment

4. True Lyricism

@mastaace @SOHH word! So what would you say is another reason people must cop this project?

@sohhdotcom @sohh anutha reason 2cop is the LYRICS! I was in a nice zone while writing this album. I stand behind both the lyrics AND beats

5. Familial Features

@mastaace @SOHH so 2 more questions 4 u & we'll let u go. Who r the features if any

@sohhdotcom @sohh thre r only 2 feature rappers on the album. Big Daddy Kane and MF DOOM. My dude Pav Bundy of @TheBundies and Reggie B sing

You decide. Will you cop Masta Ace's musical diary?

To preview/purchase this album, just click here.

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