5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Lugz: "No Matter Where You Go To School...We Got Product To Fit Your Needs--From Harlem To Albuquerque."

Monday, Aug 27, 2012 1:03AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Two Dollar Albey

[As SOHH kicks off its Back-To-School week in style, we've teamed up with Lugz to get the latest in street wear and school wear. Running the streets for nearly 20 years, Two Dollar Albey, a key force in Lugz design department, is here to tell you the top five reasons you need to get Lugz to compliment your back-to-school attire. From middle school to college, they've got you covered.]

1. Your Street, Our Shoes

No matter where you go to school, we got product for you. If you gotta wear a uniform in all black, we got that. And if you don't, we got the stylish stuff for you too. Weather you're in high school, middle school [or] in college, we got product to fit your needs--from Harlem to Albuquerque. It goes with our slogan, "Built for the streets: Your street, our shoes."

2. Price Point

We deliver good product at a reasonable price. So you don't have to blow your allowance or check on your footwear. You can get our product, then spend money on the rest of your gear for school.

3. Decades Of Longevity

If you're a reader of SOHH that means you're part of the hip-hop culture. And this is a little premature, but next year Lugz will turn 20 years old. So [the brand] has been part of the culture for 19-plus years now. No one can really deny the impact that Lugz has had throughout the years. [People] can't name five other brands that have been around since 1993.

4. A Foot Haven

Durabilty and comfort have been a key function for us. The fit feels great, and the shoes don't fall apart a few months of wear.

5. Nothin' But Style

No matter what street you're on, or where you are, we've got something for you in every color and every style. From sneakers to boots.

You decide. Will you rock Lugz with your back-to-school ensemble?

To preview/purchase Lugz, just click here.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for Day 2 of SOHH's back-to-school week giveaway for a chance to take home Madden 13.

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