5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: King Ice: "Our Company [Has] An Eye For Design... We've Realized A Lot Of Our Competitor Companies Will Actually Copy What We Do!"

Monday, Aug 6, 2012 1:27AM

Written by Written by Amber McKynzie for Derek B.

[As hip-hop continues to find new ways to accessorize, companies will always be around to fit the bill. There are plenty of brand names and designers around, but King Ice is the trend-setting jeweler that's always been on top. From Kanye-inspired gold chains to swagged-out sayings, King Ice's Marketing Director, Derek B., is here to tell you five reasons to cop the blinged-out brand.]

1. Above The Competition

We reflect the trends more accurately [than our competitors]. I think we're more creative. We have rap contests every quarter. We get hundreds of entries, we put them on YouTube and we have all these young people who come in--aspiring artists; they can be high schoolers--and they create a video. We'll judge it and put the whole thing on our Facebook. The winners of the contest are added to Team King Ice, which basically we'll kind of sponsor them by promoting their music through our social media, [and] send them clothing and free jewelry. We're very engaged with our customers in ways where other people are a little bit more disconnected.

2. Original Designs & Trends

We have a lot of original designs in our catalog. People in our company have an eye for design. When someone comes up with an idea, sometimes it works; sometimes it doesn't, so we'll just go with it! We've realized a lot of our competitor companies will actually copy what we do. We are always tracking celebrities and designers to see what is the latest out there. The other night Kanye came out of [a restaurant] in New York with Kim Kardashian, and he was wearing a tank-top with like seven gold chains on; Jay-Z wears a lot of yellow gold-cut chains lately; so we see these trends...and populate our inventory with [them].

3. Money-Back Guarantee

We have a 90-day warranty on all of our products. The first 30 days you can get a refund, and the first 90 days you can do an exchange. But truth be told, even if it's beyond 90 days we'll most likely go ahead and exchange it for you.

4. Quality Control

Because [our customers] don't get to see the product itself [before they receive it], they're relying on the company to send you something. There's a lot of things that can go wrong, especially with jewelry...so we make sure our shipping department inspects everything. We're careful about the quality and the type of products we order. [Customers] can expect high quality from King Ice.

5. Customer Care

If you don't take care of your customers, if you don't respond quickly, make sure complaints are dealt with, shipping is quick, then [customers] may not come back depending on what products you have. Through social media, we spend a lot of time responding to people on facebook and Twitter, through chat on email and phone. We've always gone with that customer's-always-right philosophy--in the long run, it's always better.

You Decide. Will cop some of hip-hop's trendiest accessories?

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