5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Kanupriya Jewelry: "Our Designs Are Made To Make You Get Noticed... Oprah's Wearing One Of My Cuffs On The Cover Of A Magazine."

Thursday, Aug 2, 2012 11:00AM

Written by Written by Amber McKynzie for Kanupriya

[After leaving her corporate job more than three years ago to pursue a part-time hobby in fashion, Kanupriya launched a jewelry line that has since taken off. From Meagan Good to Oprah Whinfrey, this jewelry designer has no shortage on high-end clientele. Want a chance to accessorize like the stars? Check out Kanupriya's five reasons to purchase her jewelry line.]

1. Culturally Inspired

Each piece is inspired. I'm from India, and that reflects in the jewelry I design. I love beautiful stones, so it comes out in the pieces. And there is a vintage and heritage line to the whole [collection]. It's the whole package.

2. Unique Collections

What we offer is very unique in terms of the way we do modern versus vintage, combined collections. It's very contemporary, it's very modern, it's jewelry which can take you from day to night.

3. Celebrity Status

Ryane Shields just wore [one of] our pieces to the ESPYS, Meagan Good wore our earrings...to the Teen Choice Awards and recently Oprah [Whinfrey] was wearing one of my cuffs on the cover of a magazine. So hopefully [people] will see more celebrities wearing [the brand] in the coming months.

4. Worldwide Distribution

We really grew over the last two years. We now sell to almost 300 boutiques worldwide. We have a showroom in New York as well as Spain. We've sold to small, eclectic boutiques as well as some of the bigger names like Anthropologie.

5. High Fashion For The Modern Woman

A distinction feature is that our jewelry's very statement is it's not for somebody who wants to hide it or just add one or two pieces; it's for [people who want] bigger, bolder, glamorous pieces. Are designs are made to make you get noticed and really make a statement. It's for a modern woman, a woman who's well traveled, who knows her mind, who is aware of her fashion choices yet not afraid to experiment.

You Decide. Will you purchase Kanupriya Jewelry?

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