Guest Star: "[James Harden] Was Like, 'I'm About That Hazel-E Life' - Maybe He Has A Thing For Female Rappers"

Tuesday, Aug 21, 2012 3:00PM

Written by SOHH for Hazel-E

[With the media buzzing over Oklahoma City Thunder's James Harden allegedly breaking up with Trina, pop singer/rapper Hazel-E gives SOHH readers the inside scoop on her good NBA star friend.]

James is cool. He is actually a big fan of this rapper Y.G. out in Cali. Y.G. had this record out and so he hit me up on Twitter about a year and a half ago and he said, "Yo, I like that record you've got with Y.G."

He has a record label and was talking about how we could get together and do some tracks. He was down in Houston a lot when I was signed to Swishahouse doing his summer camps. I would just go and hang out with him and Kevin Durant. We'd just hang out, do freestyle verses and stuff.

Ball players want to be rappers and rappers want to be ball players, it's true. James is a Cali boy. He's real cool, he's laid back and he loves music.

We were going to do something for my mixtape but it didn't work out due to timing but at the end of the day, that's where it came about, through the music. He had seen the "Valley Girl" [music video] and so the first time we hung out, he had at least three Hazel-E tracks on his iPod.

He was just like, "I'm about that Hazel-E life." I was like, "Oh, okay. I see you." I don't know, maybe he has a thing for female rappers. But he's hella cool. He's a cool dude. I just seen him a few weeks ago and told him congrats on all of your success and everything that's going on with you.

He's the homie.

With the streets buzzing and great projects on the horizon, HAZEL-E's future in entertainment is strong and steady on the rise. Recently, the pop-diva was featured in the New York Post: Page Six for her star studded birthday bash, "Lifestyle Of A Valley Girl Vol. IV" at Dolce in Miami Beach, Fla. "I want to be #1 on all pop charts, I want a Grammy, Billboard, AMA, MTV and a BET award. I want to be multi-platinum, I want to be a major staple in pop culture!" says the song bird-lyricist of her ambitions.

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