Underrated: "I'm Going To Get So Much Flack For This Sh*t But I Don't Care. He Has The Best Catalog In Hip-Hop. Hands Down"

Tuesday, Aug 7, 2012 12:10AM

Written by SOHH for Skillz

[Each week, SOHH asks two entertainment personalities to name who they feel is the most underrated emcee in hip-hop. After Roc C gave Action Bronson the title last week, Virginia rap veteran Skillz names Snoop "Dogg" Lion SOHH Underrated.]


If I give you this one, it's going to be a real good story. You're going to be like, "I can see that. I feel you on that. You're kind of right."

My backpack underground cats are going to be like, "Yeah, you know what? He's right." I'm going to give you two. My first is Black Thought from The Roots. Hands down. It's not a big surprise. I feel like he's one of the most underrated rappers of all time.

I feel like he was born to be an emcee. Lyrics. Flow. On-stage persona. Breath control. He can hold his own with the heavyweights. Hands down.

But my number one? This is going to blow you away. I'm going to get so much flack for this sh*t but I don't care. Underrated? Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Doggy Dogg has the best catalog in hip-hop. Hands down. Nobody has a better catalog of music than Snoop Dogg. Point. Blank. Period. Not Jay-Z. Not Kanye West. Not LL Cool J. And it's no disrespect to none of those artists but Snoop Dogg has the best catalog in hip-hop. Hands down.

I say this because Snoop had his first hit around 1993 and Snoop can still go perform that song right now and everybody knows it. Right? I've been to Snoop Dogg shows and clearly I'm a fan. I go to Snoop Dogg shows and he'll be on stage at midnight and won't perform until 1 AM, he's killing the show and he hasn't done one Snoop Dogg solo record yet.

I've seen Snoop do an hour of just guest appearances. And they were all hits. Snoop's got so many records that you don't even have to guess them. Snoop has bonafide smashes that never had a video and were never singles. Snoop Dogg can go anywhere and perform "Ain't No Fun" and you know the song from beginning to end.

With a second-place finish (behind Midwest rapper Supernatural) in the freestyle competition at the nation's most prestigious MC seminar in 1995, this aptly named Detroit native turned Virginian demonstrated his limitless verbal potential. The first salvo fired from Mad Skillz (aka Skillz) was the single "The Nod Factor," a lengthy stanza of which appeared as a memorable Hip Hop Quotable in The Source magazine. Mad Skillz reigned supreme with his brand of harshly wicked witticisms, uncorking the type of sinister rhymes that would make a freestyle foe hang his head in shame. The consummate lyricist, Skillz mastered the unique art of the double-entendre with rhymes like "put your clothes on backwards if you feel like frontin'." The lampooning onslaught came to a head with Skillz's debut in 1996, From Where???, which called attention to the virtually untapped talent within his home state.

Check out Snoop Dogg's music below:

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