Singled Out: "I Was Scared Of Him At First Because He Says 'B*tch' & To A Lot Of People He's Disrespectful When It Comes To Women"

Tuesday, Aug 7, 2012 4:00PM

Written by SOHH for Shanell aka SNL

[SOHH highlights a hot record each week and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After M16 explained his "I Do" Young Jeezy hit, Young Money's Shanell gets sassy over her new Too Short-assisted "These H*es Is Winning" anthem.]

When I very first started out, I did a couple of songs on Too Short's What's My Favorite Word album. I was scared of him at first because he says 'B*tch' and to a lot of people he's disrespectful when it comes to women. But he was really, really nice and respectful and he just had a lot of game on how you look at things.

So when I was doing this record, "These H*es Is Winning," I knew it was something that people were either gonna to love or hate, especially women. No woman really wants to be called a h*e but, again, that word to me has been given a meaning based on how society expects a woman to act.

In the song, I'm not really saying be a h*e, but who cares what they call you? Be about what you want to be about. If they want to call it being a h*e, then be a h*e but you've got to win. A lot of women out here are trying not to be a h*e but are really being taken advantage of in situations because they feel like, "If I do anything else, I'll be looked at as a h*e or a b*tch."

People are going to say whatever they want to say. You're going to be a h*e either way. You're given a situation where you have to be a little bit more bossed up and direct than usual. Do what you got to do.

This idea comes from experience and then I remember Too Short kicking that meaning to me. I was in Los Angeles working, he came to the studio, laid down his verse and he actually just sent me another verse that he said is for the remix.

It's a crazy subject matter but I'm just being real at the end of the day. I see too many women get taken advantage of at home, taking care of two or three kids, trying to be as much of wifey material as she can be for a guy who has been around at every strip club and taking every other woman to dinner.

Be the good woman that you are when you're around a good man. But if you're dealing with the bullsh*t, then you've got to be able to put your mask on and be who you need to become to handle certain situations.

That's all.

Shanell aka SNL is a pop artist and songwriter. She is signed to Young Money and has worked alongside producers like Bangladesh, David Guetta, Salaam Remi, Cool & Dre, Hit Boy and Justus League. She has also collaborated alongside Young Money family including Lil Wayne and Drake. Shanell is currently putting together her long-awaited solo debut and is preparing the release of an upcoming EP called Nobody's B*tch. With ample creativity, an energetic live show, proven pen skills and an ever-growing base of fans across genres, Shanell is quickly making a game-changing name for herself and a refreshing new mark in music today.

Check out "These H*es Is Winning" below:

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