Guest Star: "I Was Actually Dancing For Game & We Were All On Tour W/ Snoop"

Friday, Aug 17, 2012 2:00PM

Written by SOHH for Shanell aka SNL

[With Snoop Dogg now adding the reggae alias Snoop Lion to his rap persona, Young Money's Shanell aka SNL brings SOHH readers into her pre-fame days where she got a first hand account of the rap veteran's true self.]

I just really saw that he changed his name. I was kind of like, "Wow."

Just to see somebody that's been doing what he's been doing for so long [is amazing]. I've seen him try other things too and I've clapped my hands to it. Snoop went from '187' kill, murder, murder to [his current global appeal].

I had the chance to go on tour with him and I was actually dancing for Game and we were all on tour with Snoop and what Snoop said was so different from what I expected. I was just thinking about all of this murder, murder rap type of tour but he had a whole band up there, they were partying, they were having fun. All of the music just felt good and there was singing and dancing up there.

I remember just saying, "Wow." I know we're used to seeing him do that for a few years now but I'm just so happy to see artists not have to be stuck in a box and reach out.

Now that he's taking this next step, I'm just excited. It just opens the door for when I bust out into the scenes and do my thing.

For so long, people have told me, "You can't do nothing but R&B. You can't do it. You just can't do it." So to see artists now just breaking that barrier, I'm excited about it because it makes it a whole lot easier for me.

Shanell aka SNL is a pop artist and songwriter. She is signed to Young Money and has worked alongside producers like Bangladesh, David Guetta, Salaam Remi, Cool & Dre, Hit Boy and Justus League. She has also collaborated alongside Young Money family including Lil Wayne and Drake. Shanell is currently putting together her long-awaited solo debut and is preparing the release of an upcoming EP called Nobody's B*tch. With ample creativity, an energetic live show, proven pen skills and an ever-growing base of fans across genres, Shanell is quickly making a game-changing name for herself and a refreshing new mark in music today.

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