Singled Out: "I Remember Seeing Juvenile At The Gas Station & Gave Him $2,000 Off Consignment"

Tuesday, Aug 28, 2012 4:45PM

Written by SOHH for Dirty 1000

[SOHH highlights a hot record each Tuesday and offers a unique look at the track in Singled Out. After T.I. broke down his "Go Get It" record, Miami's Kolyons' Dirty 1000 explains the new Juvenile-assisted "I Am Paid" smash.]

We originally started out writing the record for someone else. I had Plies in mind and so we were going to shop the record around. But things didn't go as fast [as we thought] so we said, 'F*ck it, we'll just keep the record.'

We were actually looking for a new record to push around and the way we got Juvenile on the record because he was at one of the local strip clubs at maybe two o'clock in the morning. I remember seeing Juvenile at the gas station and gave him $2,000 off consignment.

He was supposed to catch a flight the next morning but I told him, "Yo Juvie, just stay around, we're going to take care of you and everything." I remember we were excited about working with Juvie and we just went from there.

This was all about two or three months ago but we recorded the record about six months ago.

Juvie came through on the record and it was just the energy throughout which stood out. We were in the studio and he was listening to the record. This is before he even knew he was going to get on the record. We sat around, had a couple drinks, and one thing you have to know about us is that we're super energized.

We bring energy to anywhere we go. When you listen to the song, you can tell it kind of came out of him. He just sounded like he had that new energy. It probably brought him back to his old days when he was in his prime.

We actually just finished wrapping up the music video last week. A lot of people came through and it was a h*ll of a turn out.

Florida rap duo Kolyons (Koly and Dirty 1000) are turning into a force in the Southern rap scene and are slowing branch themselves to the nationwide circuit. Their current "I Am Paid" features Juvenile and they have clocked in studio time with music stars like Young Jeezy as of late.

Check out "I Am Paid" below:

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