Guest Star: "I Jumped On The Opportunity & Here I Am Today Talking To You From The ESPN Cafeteria"

Friday, Aug 17, 2012 7:10PM

Written by SOHH for DJ Rob Swift

[After breaking the news of getting tagged to deejay ESPN's new "UNITE" late night show, DJ Rob Swift tells SOHH readers how the opportunity clicked into his hands.]

I found out about this back in May. Kevin Wilson, who works over at ESPN, does their music licensing and things of that nature reached out to me and let me know there was this show they were working on. One of the main things about the show was they wanted there to be some sort of live music, a deejay.

I guess I've been on Kevin's radar for a couple years now. I actually did some work with ESPN that kind of revolved around me and antoher X-Ecutioner and he was in Red Sox gear and I was in Yankees gear and we were battling. The whole thing was we were mimicking the whole rivalry between them, like it was a big game.

The series was airing on ESPN and we did the teaser for it. I guess I was on Kevin's radar since then and when they were putting together this new show and knew they wanted a deejay, Kevin reached out to me and naturally I jumped on the opportunity and here I am today talking to you from the cafeteria of ESPN getting ready for rehearsals.

What male doesn't know about ESPN on some level? ESPN provides us with all of our sports news. That's how we find out who won the game on a particular night, what controversy might be going on and we find that out all on ESPN whether you go online or whether you are on your couch.

The whole idea that I am part of a show that I would be watching anyway and doing what I do for a living is kind of mind-blowing. It's almost unreal that this is happening. I'm appreciative that they think I can bring something to the table.

I've done a lot of things throughout my career and this lets me know that I made the right decisions.

"UNITE" officially premieres Monday, August 27th at midnight.

Rob was the first Hip Hop DJ invited to perform at the Savannah, Georgia Jazz Festival. He has collaborated with artists from many genres including Blue Man Group, Herbie Hancock, Bob James, Linkin Park, Good Charlotte, Dan The Automator, Fat Joe, Cypress Hill and many others. Whether working solo, in a group setting as part of Ill Insanity (featuring former X-Men Total Eclipse and Precision) or collaborating with other like-minded artists, Rob Swift is always in perpetual motion, pushing the boundaries of what he does and connecting with audiences by all means necessary.

Check out the show's promo below:

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