Guest Star: "I Flew Out To Miami To Audition & Lil Wayne Just Accepted Me - I Auditioned For Birdman & Mack Maine After That"

Monday, Aug 27, 2012 8:00PM

Written by SOHH for Torion Sellers

[Months after officially teaming up with Lil Wayne's Young Money team, singer Torion Sellers gives SOHH readers the inside on how the opportunity sprouted and his respect for Weezy F. Baby.]

This [situation] mostly happened because of my manager. I remember I was at church and performing one day, my father was doing this ceremony. I sat in the crowd at church singing and he saw me and when they finished, he pulled me to the side and was like, "Man, you've got a lot of talent. Let me see something."

My manager had found Young Money and from there, it was about two or three weeks until I flew out to Miami to audition.

I remember I flew out to Miami to audition and Lil Wayne just accepted me. From there, I auditioned for Birdman and Mack Maine after that. Mostly, they told the whole Young Money family about me and they decided to accept me as the new member of Young Money.

I love this hype. It's great and loving to have someone like [Lil Wayne] around. Lil Wayne is such a great artist and I just appreciate everything that he's done for me and accepting me in the Young Money family.

It's just a great environment and a great vibe. I am loving the family. I love it.

I auditioned, Lil Wayne signed me and now I'm a part of the family.

Today, Torion Sellers stands at the beginning of a career that promises to be as long as it is impactful. A study in precociousness, he sings, dances and commands the stage with the confidence that belies his years. Each song that escapes his lips crackles with a rare and infectious energy --with the ineffable magic that defines a superstar. Torion has released three free mixtapes, which are available at His as-yet untitled debut album for Young Money Entertainment is due out later this year.

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