5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: 4 The Fans: "From Bobby Brown To Aaliyah's 'One In A Million'... There's A Song For Every Part Of Your Day."

Friday, Aug 31, 2012 2:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for 4Count

[As SOHH's Back-To-School week comes to an end, we decided to go out with a bang! After catching up with Nick Cannon's guy group, 4Count, SOHH chopped it up with the quartet to talk music, its impact on students and school performance and their new mixtape, 4 The Fans. Knowing that music has the power to change anyone's life, 4Count tells readers the top five reasons to cop 4 The Fans and giving them a chance to win a 4Count prize pack including the mixtape, notebooks and Nick Cannon's Ncredible Monster headphones.]

1. Music For All

It's a versatile album. From Bobby Brown to Aaliyah's "One In A Million" to Usher's "Let Me You." You get a lot of different songs.

2. Mood Music

There's a song for every part of your day, and every mood you're in. So if you're tired and trying to chill at night, you can listen to Bobby Brown and just chill out. But if you're trying to work out then you can put on the Trey Songz. So whatever you're doing that day, there's a song for you.

3. Not Your Typical Backstreet Boys

We're a new guy group, so it gives people a feel of what to expect on the album an a chance to hear how good we are.

4. It's FREE!

It's free! Free music! That's good! We wanted to do songs that people knew. We [have] remixes, we [have] covers and we also [have] some originals [on the mixtape] too. It's for the fans, so we want something that can hold them off until we can come out with our album.

5. Doin' It For The Kids

Middle school, high school, elementary school, all students have somewhat of a difficult time whether it's with grades or bullying or whatever it is, you're gonna need something to help you get through that and music is something that's definitely gonna help you. We put a lot of time, focus, energy and love into this mixtape, 4 The Fans--which is what it's called. We wanted to help students that are going to school everyday-- help them get up in the morning, listen to our music and make them comfortable before they go to school.

You Decide. Will you cop 4The Fans?

To preview/purchase the mixtape, just click here.

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