5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: FLüD: "We Don't Do Competitors At FLüD; We Just Make Fly Sh*t!"

Tuesday, Aug 14, 2012 12:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for FLüD

[In this world, usually it's all about who you know, but when it comes to FLüD it's about what ya got! With the latest in dope accessories, from watches to wallets, FLüD keeps consumers laced without making them spend their savings. So don't waste thousands when you can have all you need with FLüD. Don't believe us, check FLüD's top five reasons to buy their "fly sh*t!" ]

1. RIP To The Competition

We don't do competitors at FLüD; we just make fly sh*t. It's not about like "we have no competition" or anything corny like that, everyone has competition, [but] it's just we're not thinking about that. We're just trying to create new silhouettes, color styles and things that people will be into.

2. The Good Life

We want to be a company you look to for dope accessories--watches, bags, belts, wallets, sunglasses, jewelry that makes you feel a certain kind of way. A lot of people are into crazy, expensive, aspiring stuff, and we love that here too but we can't afford that. We want you to feel "aspirational" even when you're not spending "aspirational" money.

3. Double Take

[It's] fact that [you are] guaranteed to get five people a day commenting on the enamel-covered bezel. And [coming] with two straps--the linked steel, gold band and the black silicone--you get two looks for the price of one, to compliment whatever feel your looking for that day.

4. The Golden Ticket

The Exchange (Gold Linked) is built to make an impression. With a bold 50mm face, reinforced gold-linked construction, and minimalistic design, The Exchange is the perfect piece to make sure you say what you need, without saying anything at all.

5. It's What You Have, Not Who You Know

[There are] plenty [of celebrities wearing the brand], you can see some on our site TheFLUDway.com. But here at FLüD we want you to wear this watch because of how it makes you feel and look, not because someone else is rocking it.

You Decide. Will change the way you feel and purchase FLüD?

To preview/purchase FLüD, just click here.

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