5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Cubannie Links: "The Tupac [Piece] Is One Of The Originals That's Been There Since I Was Figuring It Out."

Tuesday, Aug 21, 2012 1:00AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Annie Basulto

[Celebrating their five-year anniversary this year, Cubannie Links is ready to give SOHH readers their own custom-made jewelry to flaunt on the street. From their famed Tupac Rosary to their Super Dulce bracelet, each piece is unique and handmade. If you're looking for the right accessories to rock, check out Annie Basulto's top five reasons to buy Cubannie Links.]

1. Custom-Made

They're handmade by me, Annie Basulto. They're made out of Brooklyn, NY and all of them get special treatment. The first collection was experimental and fun and trying things out. I hardly make any of my [first] pieces now, but I will say that first year that I was trying it out, one of the pieces that cultivated from that was the Tupac Rosary. The Tupac [piece] is one of the originals that's been there since I was figuring it out.

2. Big Things Come In Big Packages

Since it's a trendy, oversized earring, sometimes people get scared of the weight. One thing I've stapled my collection by is it looks heavy, but it's not, so women get to enjoy the jewelry.

3. Cubannie Loves The Kids

We now have a children's collection, so if you have children you can have matchy-matchy pieces with your kids. [It's called] Hijo Hija.

4. From The Carpet To The Corner Store

There's something for everybody. There's something for high school kids to a more mature audience. [And there's] something that fits everyone's style--you can go to work, you can go to the club, you can go to church. You can pick something [from the collection], and it will fit your lifestyle. [If needed], some pieces are red carpet to the corner store!

5. Exclusive Mass Appeal

Buying a product from us is a unique experience. It's one-on-one, [and] all orders are made by me so you will feel the special, one-on-one attention that you don't get in those mass-produced stores.

You decide. Will you purchase the Brooklyn-bred jewelry line?

To preview/purchase Cubannie Links, just click here.

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