5 Reasons Why You Should Buy...: Changing The Game: "It is Not The Typical Urban Movie. Most Urban Movies Depict Black People In Bad Ways...[This is] Like A Picking-Up-Black-People [Film]."

Thursday, Aug 23, 2012 1:05AM

Written by Amber McKynzie for Sticky Fingaz

[Just days away from it's 8/28 release date, Changing The Game, a Rel Dowell-directed film, is taking the urban community on a from-nothing-to-something journey about how people can "make it," even if they come from the hood. From Wall Street to the barbershop, rapper and film star Sticky Fingaz is here to tell you the top five reasons to buy this DVD!]

1. Uplifting Urban Film

It is not the typical urban movie. Most urban movies depict Black people in bad ways, and I think this movie--even though it does have a lot of street drama and stuff like that--it sort of like a picking-up-Black-people [film], you know. You take a brother from the hood who does extremely well on Wall Street being a stockbroker, and then you have other characters that start off bad and turn their whole life around and become good. So I think it's uplifting for the community.

2. The Man Has Many Faces

I'm in it. [Fans] can see a different side of Sticky. When people see Sticky, he's either playin' real crazy roles or yellin' and screamin, and you know, just being volatile. In this [film], at first you see me like that, but then I do a complete 180--I change my life around. I'm the owner of a barbershop, I own my own business--I'm not out killin' and hustlin' and stealin' and robbin'. It shows an alternative side, and I think people need to see different versions of one aspect to get the full picture.

3. An East Coast Tale

It's a great East Coast storyline that Rel, the director, put together. The cinematography is great, [and] the actors are great. Rel wrote it so well that the dialogue was intriguing, it draws you in and it keeps you held in. Also, it's filmed on the East Coast, in Philly. So that's like two minutes from where I'm from--New York--so it's great!

4. Sun Tzu

It's not Shakespearian, more like Sun Tzuish, like theologies. It represents the books like Sun Tzu The Art of War, and I'm a fan of that book and other books like Robert Greene's The 48 Laws of Power.

5. Support Black Cinema

Ain't no other really hot, urban movies out right now. If this movie does well, there will be other like it.

You decide. Will you listen to Sticky Fingaz, and check out the latest Black, urban film?

To preview/purchase Changing The Game, just click here.

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