Pulse Report: Bangladesh's Swizz Beatz Conspiracy Beef, 50 Cent Crumbles G-Unit, Jay-Z & Beyonce Are World's Greatest Paper-Makers

Friday, Aug 10, 2012 1:15PM

Written by Bulldog Butters

In this week's Pulse Report, we examine Bangladesh's extra extra large Swizz Beatz beef, watch 50 Cent once again dismantle the G-Unit brand, count up Jay-Z and Beyonce's money and oh SOHH much more!

[Editor's Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. Bang 'Em Swizz

What's the world coming to when media publications are setting up rappers? LOL. Wait a minute, didn't Saigon accuse SOHH of making up stories and statements about Rick Ross that he denied? Well, it didn't take long before SOHH shut things down by putting out the audio and kinda made him look silly. Looks like we might have the same situation on our hands with Bangladesh and XXL. For all of y'all that missed this so-called beef/conspiracy, peep how it all went down:

"I don't think Swizz is relevant," Bangladesh told XXL. "I'm keeping it 100." Fans can easily argue that Swizz is as relevant as ever--from producing "Summer On Smash" for Nas and later appearing at the 2012 ESPN ESPYS with God's Son to making a cameo in Rick Ross's New Orleans-shot "Hold Me Back" video to producing "Throw It Away" off Slaughterhouse's upcoming LP, Welcome to: Our House. Yet, Bangladesh doesn't feel it. "I think there's a difference between relevance and musical relevance," he says. "You married a lady that's poppin' [Alicia Keys], you know it'll give you a lot of relevance, but you gotta make hits. Ain't no hits. Are you relevant for the craft you're doing or the life you live as far as the decisions you make?" (XXL Mag)
"The relevance is in being youthful," the outspoken producer added. "Still being in-the-know. I have a 15 year old son so they think we're brothers and I put him on to stuff. You know, I'm 34 but people tell me I look 23. He still look to me for information. Usually it's the opposite; usually the parents are lame or too old to understand or whatever. Just the way I feel, I got so much more time." (XXL Mag)

^ LOL. Okay, before we get into the whole conspiracy angle, let's point out a few things. Bangladesh DID say:

1) "I don't think Swizz is relevant."

2) "You married a lady that's poppin, you know it'll give you a musical relevance.

Those two remarks by themselves are inexcusable. He should know that you do not name drop in any interview or even Twitter. Then throwing in Alicia Keys' name into the mix too? That's a low-blow! It didn't take long before Bangladesh tried to save face:

BangladeshSwizz Beatz

"@dflowonline swizzy wasn't relevant in my interview my G. The lady who wrote that is trying to make a name for herself.," he tweeted August 7th.
"@757sins that interview wasn't even about swizzy, she asked a question about swizz and it wasn't relevant in my interview."
"@757sins they edit sh*t how they want to."
"@THEREALSWIZZZ this isn't real bro interview wasn't even about u. They slick reversed the focus. Inspiration is who you are so ur relevant." (Bangladesh's Twitter)

Unfortunately, those pleas did not reach Swizz because he got the "clown" tag shortly afterward.

"Y'all going to start this relevant sh*t?" said Swizz. "Don't let this clown pump you up with this relevant. We at this video shoot right now. Right? [laughs] But you know anyway man, it's all positive energy from me. I can't, I can't get in that zone. I'm just happy to be here. Been doing this since 1998, 300-something million records sold. Domestically." (This Is 50)

^ Truth be told, I think Bangladesh just got caught talking too freely. I know XXL probably ran to the press and got the story out there but still, to hint at a conspiracy? I don't know about that, Bang.

2. U-N-I-T-Why?

I remember telling you all that the G-Unit brand was over. It was over back when Lloyd Banks' Hunger For More 2 officially underperformed sales-wise despite having a stellar guest features line-up. It's sad because I always respected Banks and thought G-Unit was an undeniable force. Well, when your leader keeps pointing out your faults and internal problems, there's no room for growth. 5-0 Cent is largely at fault for letting us know how bad things have been in regard to his relationship with Banks and Tony Yayo a few months ago. But when you straight up clown their work ethic? SMH. C'mon 5-0, that's even low for you.

50-cent-2012-07-17-300x300.jpgLloyd Banks (Concept)

"I actually haven't spoke to 'em very much. I'm to fault for that, though. I think I disabled them," Fif revealed in an interview when asked about the rappers. "I did so much for them that they don't have a continuous work ethic. They got both of those tapes out there, but did you see any visuals? Anything? There's certain things that the new guy is doing to create momentum or energy. They just sit there and wait. When someone works for you, you have the habit of dealing with things by not dealing with them. You may get in the regimen of coming over and doing it for them." (XXL Mag)


"Dropping mixtapes...that was my '02 strategy. That's 2002 marketing. That's old. You did nothing if you did that. Look what I've done with The Lost Tape or The Big 10. There's videos for everything that was on the tapes. If you're going to just wing it and drop a mixtape...pick the highlights that people like most and shoot 'em. Go shoot the video." (XXL Mag)

The only logical explanation I can think of is he wants to make them touger. You know, the whole critique angle? But when you do it on a public platform like an interview, is it really worth it? And the real question is why hasn't Banks or Yayo been "kicked out" of the group like Game and Young Buck? If 5-0 is really upset with them and claims he has not kept in touch, what purpose do they have being a part of G-Unit? Just look at the Mobb Deep situation.

3. Moment of the Week: Jay-Z & Beyonce Are The Richest Couple Alive

If Kanye West's "Perfect B*tch" was dedicated to Kim Kardashian, then Jay-Z has to do a remix titled "Perfect Queen Bey" dedicated to Beyonce Knowles-Carter. They've officially upped the ante for all musicians, actors, forget it, EVERYONE who enters marriage. They seem to be at the top of anything they touch, their music genres, business ventures, everything. If you can name it, they've had some success doing it. This week's top moment is easily these two killing it as the world's richest couple. Big bucks, big brains.


Last year's runners-up on the list of The World's Highest-Paid Celebrity Couples, the duo has now climbed one spot to top this year's ranking. The singer's new album went platinum in the U.S., not to mention her non-musical ventures and endorsement deals, which all helped to bring her total earnings between May 1, 2011 and May 1, 2012 to $40 million, according to data from the latest Celebrity 100 list. The hip-hop mogul made millions from Watch the Throne, his musical collaboration with pal Kanye West, and even more from the tour that followed. Add to that a bevy of non-musical enterprises such as ad firm Translation and cosmetics company Carol's Daughter and the result is a staggering $38 million that he has brought home in twelve months, putting the couple's annual income at $78 million. (Forbes)

^ Still speechless. Wow.

4. Mrs. Butterworth: Ashle Danger

I came across a shocking realization a few days ago; if there are only four weeks in an entire month, that means there can only be forty-eight, maybe fifty (if I'm lucky) Mrs. Butterworth's a year! Can y'all believe it? Let's be honest, there may not be a video vixen walking up and down the street every day, but there's got to be at least 100-plus a year, right? I take a lot of pride in either putting y'all on to or at least co-signing some lovely ladies that y'all need to be aware of and realizing I'm only putting on four a month? That's a tough pill to swallow. With that being said, let's go with 20-something pick of the year: Ashle Danger. Don't mind the spelling of her name, what she brings to the vixen game? SICK! This is a hands-down top Mrs. Butterworth pick.




And as if that wasn't enough?

Yes, y'all. I'm feeling dangerous, too. LOL.

5. Rappers Say The Darndest Things

There were so many things that came out of your favorite rappers' mouths this week that had me laughing. For starters, Memphis Bleek making us believe that he took time off from the rap game instead of facing the facts: it's 2012 and those raps are dated. Then it's the alleged Kim Kardashian remarks. The fact any woman would relish being called a "b*tch" is sad. Yeah, I know we all remember those Ja Rule "Down A** B*tch" days but for Kim? Ehhhh. Not a good look. DJ Pauly D comparing his "hustle" to 50 Cent's? Umm...where are the bullet wounds, Paul? Keep it 100. Gotta respect Wiz Khalifa but when you take a Yes/No question and put a bunch of flowery stuff around it? SMH. Lastly, it's Rick Ross. Love his work ethic and what he's put out these past few years, but trying to compare himself amongst the New York rap greats like Eric B. & Rakim? No bueno.

1. Memphis Bleek

Memphis BleekMemphis Bleek & Jay-Z

"I've been in the cut, raising my son, doing the family thing and leaving music on the backburner a little bit," Bleek explained during his first appearance on the show. "It's like Jay said: 'The rap game reminds you of the crack game.' I been away so long, you can't just come back selling product; you've gotta give away some testers so they know you got the raw. It's just what it is."

2. Kim Kardashian


Kim Kardashian is thrilled to be the inspiration for Kanye West's new song, "Perfect B*tch" ... TMZ has learned. Kim is telling friends, "I'm honored. I love it," adding, "I know he doesn't mean it in a negative way when he says the word 'b*tch.'" Yesterday, Kayne tweeted, "I wrote the song 'Perfect B*tch' about Kim." Interestingly, the tweet was later deleted. But Kim feels great about it, saying, "The song talks about how he was with so many other girls but could never find the right one until he met me." Kim is also real pleased about the way Kanye describes her body in the song. Boy, we didn't see that one coming.

3. Pauly D


The DJ just so happens to be on Fif's G-Note record label. So what makes Pauly and 50 Cent such besties? "When me and 50 met, it was like instant chemistry," he explained. "Like, he gets me, I get him. You know what? We just have a bond. His business work ethic is just like mine. He's a hustler his whole life, and so am I, and we just clicked."

4. Wiz Khalifa


"I want babies. I definitely want to have kids for sure. Oh, you all think Amber's pregnant? Cause I've been asked that. Do you think Amber's pregnant?" he asked the radio host who then suggested she might be since she was recently photographed with a more natural, darker hair shade and has stopped bleaching out her hair to platinum. "A lot of people didn't even know she dyed her hair," Wiz continued. "They thought she was a natural blonde. I'm saying here that is not what people think it is. But, she will have my baby in life, and you guys will know when she's pregnant. But it's not the time now for people to start going crazy."

5. Rick Ross


"Even with the success I have and the things I have accomplished, I still don't feel like I'm an Eric B. and Rakim yet," the rotund rapper said, gesturing to the famed Eric B., who was sitting on his right. "As long as I keep that mindset and that inspiration still there, I can keep getting better. Thinking any other way, I think it may scare me."

***NFL Preseason is here, y'all! I don't know about you guys, but it's time to face the facts and see if we can get this Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez show on the road. For now, my Jets are the jokes of the town but once we pick up some wins and prove we've got a serious team, there's no stopping what Gang Green can do! Football season is back, get ready! LOL. I'll catch y'all on Tuesday! --BB***

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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